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Seramis for macro-utrics?


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Having had a tolerably stable little while with U. campbelliana growing in a mainly Seramis mix (Seramis with maybe up to 25% mix of dead LFS and small grade bark), I have repotted all my macro utrics into this mix (except nelumbifolia; and except for one plants of humboldtii, which I shall compare in pure live LFS to that in the Seramis mix). I was wondering if anyone else had tried this sort of media for these plants (U. alpina, longifolia, endresii, quelchii, praetermissa, geminiloba & asplundii). I will of course report back in due course.

The bonuses seem to be that the media is impossible to waterlog, but retains moisture well, and wicks up moisture well if it stands in shallow water. Almots hydroponic. It is also highly aerated and does not compact.

I have been using this mix for my Nepenthes for a year now, and the root systems are stronger than in any other mix I have used.


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I have mixed Seramis into my Macro-Utric media (along with LFS, Bark and a bit of Peat) but haven't tried it at such high concentrations.

Have had good response to pure Seramis over Lava rock for U. aureomaculata, no flowers yet though.

Will look forward to your results. Hopefully your campbelliana wil multiply quickly ;-) :-)

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I used to use Seramis but never really had much luck with it. My portions were different though and it was a very fine grade which actually seemed to get water logged from time to time. I switched back to live sphag over a bark mix and have been happier with that

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