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Drosophyllum cuttings ?


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I know seeds are the usual way to propagate this plant, but has anyone succeeded in propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings or by layering? I have a straggly multicrowned plant that would be a prime candidate if either of these methods would work.

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I'll Take 'Thart' as-R Challenge, Jan!!! >(*U^)<


My-Current-Idea is-to Use R Really 'Salty'-Medium to "Strike" CP-Material More-Effectively ... Salty-enough to Excluse All-but The Extremophile Mycorrhizae that Come-to-The-Aid-of-The Plants When-They are Iron-Deficient.

You-can 'Trigger' this Iron-Deficiency and "Interdiggitation" by The Mycorrhizae Using very-Dilute Chromium-solutions ... but of-Course Chromium IS Toxic.

The-Question'-of-Iron is R Fundamental-one Concerning CPs.

Plants around Many CPs in-The-Wild are Nearly-Always Dark-Green and even 'Glauceous' ie Bluey-Green. CPs often 'Yellow'-out Away from Their Usual Ground-based Growing-points and Some-CPs are Even Naturally 'Glauceous' if-Not Glaceous at Ground-Level ie 'Near' The Growing-pioint ie Drosera-gigantea & Sarracenia-flava.


Dionaea can in-Fact Take-on R Kind-of Dualism (Compartmentalisation?) between Petiole-&-Lamina ... The Petiole-Being R-Dark-Green and The Lamina a Yellow-Green as-if One Was Suffering from iron-Deficiency and The Other 'Not'!!! There's R National-Geographic Image on 629 Which I-Reproduce Above for-Clarity ... Since it's Such an Old-Work and Hard-to-Obtain.


It Pretty-much 'Matches' Plants Found in-This-Image from The Mid-Eighties Presumeably Ripped-from-The-Wild or So-I've Been 'Told' by Authorities in-The-Area. I-Guess they Must-Be Referring to Native Companion-Plant-Associates Growing in The-Pots as-Well!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

There IS 'Some' Evidence that TITANIUM Can Take-part in The Photosynthetic-Process. Perhaps 'This' Explains The Dichotomy Between Petiole-&-Lamina? Perhaps There's-R-Trap-Related-Reason 'Why' The Two Have to-Be Separated ... Perhaps Traps Have to-Be Iron-Deficient to SNAP-'Fast'!!!???

The OKEEFENOKEE-Giant Reputedly Grows on The 'Edge' of-R Titanium-DYKE and Titanium is Usually Found Concomittantly Associated with Aluminium of 'GLEY'-Podzolic Coastal-Plain Soils. Titaniium is Less-Reactive than Aluminium (about-R-6th ... if you Take The Cryolite-Process into Account) Which Alternatively means it-is More 'Easy' to-Reduce and 'GLEY'-Podzolic-Soil Definitely Possess The-Necessary Reductive-Power to Reduce Copper-&-Iron ... so-Why-'Not' TITANIUM as-Well!!!??? Most-likely it-Would Be Taken-up as One-of-The-Chlorides after it-Has Been Reduced.

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Hehe guys. I've read success stories on a few other sources as well, I'm going to include them here once I find them again.

I think the problem is that not many people seem to grow this plant and even fewer of those people actually dare experimenting with their plants. For instance people still say you can not transplant and I myself have transplanted about 6 times (twice or so for each pot, I have 4). As long as you move the whole rootball, the plants don't skip a beat.

Anyway, looks like we have a lot to learn still.

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