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P. filifolia growing tips

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Hi all,

I was asked for growing advice for this beautiful species. Here are some points:

Medium: Try an open, peat based medium with Perlite, Vermicullite, clay pearls, sand

The ingriedients are not so important but it should be an open mix

Most important: Add ONE !! of the lovely yellow graines called Osmocote about one inch deep under the roots for good growth, plants not fed will survive but never show you it´s full beauty with plenty of flowers

Climate: Humidity is not so important in may eyes, I keep it dowm to 30 - 40 % rel. humidity on hot, sunny summer days, temps can be as high as you can bring them but not lower then 15 or 16°C during the winter. My oldest plants are now 4 years old and have survived 3 winters now.

What I find beneficial is air movement and moist, but not wet substrate.

Hope this is not the opposite tips as of Eric´s Homepage!


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