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Greetings all,

I had a bright ideal and would like to know if anyone thinks it would work.

I thought that it would be possible to simulate the natural conditions that many epiphytic utrics grow in by constructing a tube of chicken wire and filling it with orchid bark and LFS. The tube would sit vertically in a pot of sandy peat that would be exposed to the normal utric watering regime.

I’d love to know if anyone doesn’t think this is worth trying (and why). Possible candidates for this treatment are alpina, endresii, or nelumbifolia.



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Stephen, have you ever tried growing yours in a bromeliad? I have got some large Achmea plants with deep urns. I have got that many runners going about the place at the moment I thought I would maybe direct one into one of the leaf segments.

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Hi Damon

In principle its a good idea, you would need to heavily mist the plants at least once a day and you would probably be wise to choose a plastic coated mesh rather than galvanised.

A couple of years ago i toyed with the idea (mainly for smaller utrics) of standing one of the commercial moss poles sold for houseplants in a tray and circulating water in a tube up through the middle to run either continually or at timed intervals down the outside.

One of the nicest specimens of U. quelchii i have seen was at Bonn botanic gardens, they were growing it on a pile of flat rocks (like slate) in a tiny bit of compost/moss with water piped to the top of the stack and trickling down over the stone "steps".

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