U.spec.Gunung Tahan Flower (U.minutissima ?)

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Here are some hopefully interesting pictures of U.spec.Gunung Tahan.











U.spec.Gunung Tahan flower stalk with 10,5 cm hight.


Trap of U.spec.Gunung Tahan.


Trap of the normal U.minutissima.


Left side is U.spec.Gunung Tahan and right side is U.minutissima.


You see that the flower of the normal U.minutissima is much smaller.



And the flower stalk of the normal U.minutissima is much shorter.


U.minutissima flower stalk only 3,5 cm hight.

May be you are wondering why im speaking from the normal U.minutissima? For me U.spec.Gunung Tahan is U.nigricaulis and U.nigricaulis is as per Taylor U.minutissima.So for me its a variation of U.minutissima which is a bit larger than the normal form.

Now you can attack me. :tu::tu:

Regards Alexander

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Great pictures again Alex :tu:

I'm still fairly new to CPs so wouldn't want to 'attack' your opinions :tu:

I do think the Gunung Tahan flower is quite different in form to minutissima, not just larger but, there isn't much difference in the trap form.

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Hi Alexander,

very nice pics - thanks for sharing.

Indeed the flowers and traps are very similar. Maybe you have a closer look at the bracts and scales and the shape of the calyx - this should give further indications to the ID of the plant.



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Hi Alexander,

apart from the beauty of your plants´flowers your photos are absolutely stunning-as every time!Best macros of a hobby photographer I´ve ever seen!More and more I´m jealous of your pics than your plants :tu:

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Guest Andreas Eils

Tach Alex!

Now you can attack me.
Du hast wie immer keine Ahnung!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Well, seriously: The flower is really beauty, oh, but if it only wasn´t so tiny!!! You know, for me a flower must at least be a centimeter in height or wide to elate me! :oops:

BTW: It seems your photos are becoming better and better! 8)

(Well, folks, don´t mind that Alex and I like to banter with each other! We just have a special relationship! ;) )

Good night,


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