Drosera dichrosepala


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Yep, post a photo and we can tell you. :wink:

There are 2 subspecies of D. dichrosepala depending upon who you believe- D. dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala and dichrosepala ssp. enodes. You probably have the regular dichrosepala as if you were to receive the other it would probably have been named as D. enodes as that it how it is most commonly referred to and distributed.

The ssp. enodes is yellower than ssp. dichrosepala (in good light) and has thinner and smaller laminas. Without you having both species to compare it is difficult to describe what to look for.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, see below-

Drosera dichrosepala ssp. enodes


Drosera dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala


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