The view from my window.


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TwoTon, Yeah I do lol.

Hear is the view from our deck looking north.


Kiwi Earl

Oh yeah, but I guess I would call it more hiking then climbing, I have not done anything with ropes. We like get up to the Mountains as much as possible. Here are a few photos from last fall. I don’t think there is a place on earth that I would rather be the Colorado in the fall, well maybe Mt. Kinabalu but I don’t think I would want to live there.








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Lovely views. I managed to get to Boulder, Colorado a couple of years ago - it is a lovely area. A definite bonus is that there are actually sidewalks and lots of people running and cycling. You can actually move from one place to the next without having to get in a car!

It was hot enough for a BBQ one night, then the next morning there was a foot of snow on the ground! Had a fantastic adventure up to Green Mountain that day as many of the trails were invisible.

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Haha I can't compete with that. But here's my view anyway:



It's just my garden with a school in the background. I have plans to move to a better local in the next couple years next to a lake, but it still won't compete with Jeremiah's views~

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Believe me, even a view like that is infinately better than a view (like mine) of roads, houses and buildings with the odd chimney or high-rise in the distance.

At least you have trees and 'fields'.

I'm still jealous!! :D

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Guest mucke

Oh, Ive just noticed this thread.

-> WOW, I'm jealous several times! What a beautiful home most of you have. :D =D>

I'll see that I load up a picture from my balcony soon.

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Guest Andreas Eils

Yes, Marc, do that! We´re all curious! :D

Now we know why Jeremiah is a Nepenthes master grower!!! Perfect location! *envy*envy*envy*


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Guest mucke

So here I go:

Sorry in case of low quality - My camera is not the best.

(And I'm not the best photographer :? )

Out of the door of my studen's share-flat :

The students' hostel "Sandberg" is lovingly called "Indian Village".. :D


A view angles left: The fireplace.

(Glad that I don't life over there and that my room lies on the rear.

There's no night without a party in summer)


My balcony on the rear:

Left view with the chili seedlings. 8)


Middle with some CP's (with provisional protection net after Black Bird attack)


Right view to the nice neighbours. :D


Black Bird breeding just three metres infront of my balcony.

(It's watching my plants, waiting for that I remove the net and let them

five minutes unattended... :D But of course I'm also fascinated to see

the birds breeding on the other hand.)


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Guest Andreas Eils

That´s not bad for a student´s home. But the view from your window is scheußlich though (compared to those seen above :evil: ).

But there´s worse: MY view from my window! :lol: :cry:

All the best,


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Guest mucke

Ach komm, grün finde ich schon in Ordnung! :evil:

Bin schon froh, dass ich die Hinterseite habe, den Blick auf den Hof finde ich wirklich nicht dolle..

Obwohl wirklich wundervolle Aussichten dabei sind, sonst wäre ich ncht so eifersüchtig. :x

[App. transl.] Come on, a green sight field is ok, isn't it? :lol:

Better than the look to the inner courtyard on the front side at least.

Althoug much of the others really have awesome window looks.

Otherwise I wouldn't be so jealous several times. :x


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