The view from my window.


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I wonder if I may be so bold as to suggest a light-hearted competition, for which there is no prize other than the joy of winning or losing.

The title is "The view from my window".

There are two catagories: 1. The best, most picturesque view, and 2. The worst, most dreary view.

here's my entry for the worst view. This is the view I have of the Barking Fly-over, and a rather attractive pylon, from my office window! Enjoy!


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I think we have a winner already!

Aww Shucks! Thanks Alexis! Let's get a few more entries first tho'! :D

Do you live in a lockup on an industrial estate? :lol:

This is the view from my prestigeous Scene of Crime Office of the North East London Branch of the Flying Squad!

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Hi Andy,

Nice view, very inspiring!! S'pose it stops you looking out the window for to long whilst at work!

Here's the view from my house:


I can watch people ruining a nice walk by chasing a small white ball around a large open space!



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Neither the best, most picturesque view nor the worst, most dreary view. Just a few shots showing the front and backyard. Photos taken through flywire hence the strange effect of the squares.

First, the front yard- very unappealing, dry and inhospitable (though slightly greenish due to last nights downpour).


The backyard. The back fence area is mine, the rest of the yard belongs to the kids and cats. The glasshouse on the left is obscured by the trees.



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Trev - great view!! If that's the view from your window I'm very jealous!!

Ian306 - If it's the from your work space, I'm sure we could consider it!

Jules - I'm always far too busy to stare out of the window! :lol:

Keep 'em coming guys and gals!

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Hello :D !

Loakesy, you sure are a lucky man! It looks like happiness and bliss are not so hard to achieve after all! :lol::lol:

Fischermans, i do adore your garden. It's clearly a good place to wander.

Oh... Trev, you're out of competition 'gasp!' It's beautiful and stunning!

Well, here are some pictures taken at the middle of last summer:

- This is a view of my backyard, from a south east window;

-and this is a view of the frontyard.

We had many downpours last summer - more than usual, i think (i live in north of France).

So, as you may guess, the garden appreciated it very much.

Have a good day :lol: !

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