Borneo 2005


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Every year we all go to Borneo to visit the people and the Nepenthes.

On my website I put some pics from every expedition.


My son and the biggest Rajah this year..:)


Unusual upper pitcher of Rajah.


Unopened Rajah.



I apologize if they are to big, but I am lazy..:)

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That first rajah looks big enough to swallow your son in one mouthful :D I can't wait for mine to get that big!! I love the colouring of that N. burbidgae. Lovely pictures thanks for showing them to us. :D

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I am trying to give my son a start that I didnt have in my life...:).

When he was 5 months we were living in the rainforest the first time, and these pics are from the second time 1.5 years old.

And the Rajah was really BIG, almost bigger than him..

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is the harness on your son there to help pull him out of the pitcher ???

Great pics !


Well the place I took the pics is about 2000 meters high and its really easy to fall down there so I need something to hold him back...:).

And he likes these plants alot and helps me to water them and unfortunatly to repot them as he wants...:).

He pulls them up out of the pots and changes the labels as he wants... :lol:

Its not easy for him to know exacly WHEN its time to do that.. :lol:

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