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U. campbelliana growing conditions


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Just thought I'd start this as no doubt a number of people have procured the small U. campbelliana plants recently offered on this forum. (I will be getting mine soon.)

The supplier is not available to enter into a back-and-forth discussion on the forum here, but has kindly supplied me with his growing conditions just to pass on on here:

High humidity above 80 percent, pure peat, high lighting levels (tube light about 10 cm above it), temperature not above 25 Degrees and better below 20. They like a change in day night temperature of about 10 degrees. They do not like terrestirial conditions and waterlogging. Just keep it moderate wet. I use very old pure peat, from the bricks they used for heating, and a mixture of dead spaghnum and peat will do as well.

Do know these are my condition and it is quite hard to keep them, maybe there are other ways.

Do any of the people here who have the plants want to enter into a discussion about their own (proposed/extant) techniques?


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I've had mine for a few weeks now and it seems to be fine. For now it's just in sphagnum with a Nepenthes villosa getting fairly low temperatures, with as much meagre sun as we are getting at the moment!

Okay until spring and warmer temperatures, when it will need moving somewhere more conducive to cold growing.

Nigel H-C

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I can not speak as one who has this plant (yet) but I have most of the other Orchidioides section and will be getting a campbelliana soon (from a different source.) I have also had discussions with a number of other growers. Based on what I have been told and with my experience with the rest of the group I will stick with my typical method when my campbelliana arrives.

My basic technique is a media of equal parts very fine pine bark, perlite and LFS topped with live sphag. I grow all my highland plants in my crawlspace which sees temps in about the range described above. I lighting is by 4 120cm tubes 30cm above the plants. My humidity is lower given the nature of my growing area but local humidity around the plants is probably 50-60%.

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