How hardy is N. X coccinea?

Neil Cornish

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I was just wondering if the above cross will thrive in highland conditions. I know it's parents are all lowlanders but as far as I'm aware it's the only lowland hybrid commonly available in garden centres making me think it might be quite adaptable. How do any of you keep it?

Thanks for any replies.

Regards Neil

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I grow mine indoors in the bathroom. I did also try them in the greenhouse. While in the summer they were ok, as soon as the temperature began to drop their leaves went brown very quickly!

So indoors seems safe, but an unheated or highland heated greenhouse might be more dodgy!!



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I let 2 coccinea a few years ago get froze solid needless to say it was the end for them,so id say keep it warm and it will be ok anything less and your going to loose it. I am going to try one as a conservtory plant next year (you know the 1 bill :D ) will let you know how it goes.

bye for now julian

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I kept mine in the greenhouse with my other highlanders last winter (min 8 to 10C). It survived - but it lost all its leaves and it is now only just getting going again.

So I'd say that as lowlanders go its pretty tough and will survive pretty harsh conditions, but it you want to keep it happy (which should be all of our's aim), then keep it nice and warm.

Mines on my study windowsill for this winter.

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