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Can someone suggest a live food I can give to my U. gibba. It's in a half-size glass demijohn in about 4 inches of rainwater with a little peat at the bottom. (I also grow some in the water trays in the greenhouse, but I really want to try it like this indoors as well).

I can see that the bladders are very tiny, too tiny maybe for things like daphnia and mosquito larvae. It's not just a food issue: I would like to introduce a little more organic life into the jar in order to allay any chance of the water stagnating.

Any ideas for what wee beasties I could get - is a cup of pond water going to help or might I just introduce undesireable extras?

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Water standing in a jar/tank for a long period of time always seem to sponatiously develop its own little eco system. I have a goldfish bowl on my windowsil that has had gibba in it for about 3 years now. It grows like crazy and every year I throw tons out. At the moment, the gibba is hard to see because of the Algae but it is still in there and it is thriving, not just struggling along. Growing aquatics is a tricky business and you just have to accept in most cases that algae is there to stay.

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