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Andy Collins

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Guest Sean's Ponds

I am located in Vancouver BC Canada on the West Coast. USDA Zone 8b

I just compared climate zones and the temperatures here in Vancouver are very close to those of Melbourne Australia, just opposite times of the year. We receive much more rain here though.



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I don't think I answered yet.

I currently live in Kelkheim in Germany. For anybody not familiar with this 27 000 inhabitant metropolis: it is located about 10 km north of the Frankfurt airport. Soon I will move to Offenbach (same area, but directly west of Frankfurt and its airport).

If you come in by plane at Frankfurt airport, during landing approach you can try to find me building a small bog garden. You need to look out the right side windows.:wink:


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I'm from Hong Kong,a small and supper crowded city,a lot of delicious food but not much cps,if someone has his/her own greenhouse,he/she is rich :D



to see hong kong cps go here


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Guest Aidan

Time for the latest totals:

UK - 64

USA - 17

Germany - 5

Australia - 4

Italy - 2

Malta - 2

Portugal - 1

Canada - 6

France - 2

Bali, Indonesia - 1

Belgium - 4

Netherlands - 1

Denmark - 1

Norway - 1

Brazil - 1

Singapore - 2

Switzerland - 2

Hong Kong - 1

117 members out of a total of 960 or 12% of registered members as of today, have now posted to this thread.

How about the rest of you? :)

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Guest pilot162

funny - i'm having deja vous (i had that once before as well I think), thought I'd posted here! lol

Lincoln in Lincolnshire UK....aka the back of beyond!!!


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