Bog field trip in Quebec, Canada

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I went on a field trip with other fellow CP enthousiasts this weekend. The destination was a bog near the city of Blainville. The Drosera were mostly growing in open sandy grounds, outside the bog. The Sarracenia were growing in pure sphagnum moss in the bog, along with grasses, shrubs, etc.

Bog entrance.


White cranberries.


D. intermedia.


Very red D. intermedia.


D. rotundifolia.



This location is usually inhabited with U. vulgaris, as aquatic species. This year, we found very little signs of its presence.


S. purpurea purpurea flower (petals missing).


Very red S. purpurea purpurea.


Other S. purpurea purpurea.




Nice S. purpurea purpurea seedlings (probably 2 years old).


Vivid-colored mushroom in the woods.


Beaver dam.


Me know what.


Hope you enjoyed!

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Hi Martin,

Those are really beautiful photos - the plants and landscape are fantastic! :D

The colours of the plants in late summer are always wonderful.

I wonder what species that strange fungus is?! :D


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Martin ,Those pictures are fantastic, This forum really does go to town on showing true habitats! I love em!! The fungus looks like a Clavulinopsis Helvola (yellow spindle) :D

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This is a tough question, I will let the Moderators answer this one... Generally, field collection is not encouraged for CPs (several species are endangered and many are fairly rare). Nevertheless, field collection is now a ethical matter.

Anyway, that day, I collected seeds.

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Salut Martin. Je ne crois pas que ta petite collecte de graine ait eu une grande influence, sauf si l'espèce est menacé. Il y a beaucoup de tourbière au Québec, et les amateur de plantes insectivores sont une rareté :cry: . Je compte justement aller dans la grande plé bleu demain, une tourbière sur la rive sud de Québec. Si je vois des choses intéressante, je posterai des photos. Elle est apparement très riche en sarracenia purpurea.

Hello Martin. I do not believe that your small seed collection had a great influence, except if the species is threatened. There is much peat bog in Quebec, and the amateur of carnivorous plants are a scarcity :cry: I precisely hope to go in the large plé bleue tomorrow, a peat bog on southern face of Quebec. If I see things interesting, I will post photographs. It is apparement very rich in sarracenia purpurea.

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