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Seeds - U. multifida, lasiocaulis, arnhemica, leptoplectra


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I am ordering seed of the following. I don't suppose that the seed will be terribily fresh. Can anyone report any success with these plants, or make any suggestions as to how to get them to come up? (the last two are likely to be harder to get info about, I know)...

U. multifida (Polypompholyx)

U. lasiocaulis

U. arnhemica

U. leptoplectra

I guess I am looking at trying the last two of them in my petiolaris-group conditions with plenty of sand? Any suggestions on all four welcome though.

EDITED: I had written uniflora when I meant lasiocaulis (!)


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U. multifida germinates and grows well when sown in late summer. I have a few plants growing that have germinated from seed dropped by last years plants. They germinate when the nights cool down in autumn.

U. uniflora germinates easily, much the same as U. dichotoma.

Never tried U. arnhemica but if the seed is from Lowrie it will be quite old for as far as I am aware it has been awhile since he has collected any.

Have tried a few forms of U. leptoplectra from seed but haven't had any luck yet. I will keep trying. All attempts thus far have been in my petiolaris tank. I think a period of drought and heat may do the trick and this will be my strategy next time.

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