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Heliamphora Question


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Hi, all

Heres a quick question for all the Heliamphora growers out there.

I have 2 H. nutans that have produced their first 'adult' pitchers, however they have now reverted back to their 'juvenile' pitchers.

Does anybody else have experiance of this happening to their own plants?

Other than this occurance they are both growing very well along with the rest of my Heli's.

Any thoughts?



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I have been told that the onset of adult pitchers is delayed by keeping the plants too hot and/or stuffy. If your plants are on the cusp, maybe keeping them a little cooler might help, and fresh air is appreciated, as long as humidity remains high.

I had a plant 'revert' after I bought it a few years ago, and I put it down to it having to get used to sunnier (and therefore hotter) conditions than that at from whence it came - it had been grown in a cold frame outside in the shade for the summers, and I was bringing it into a greenhouse.

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