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Found 3 results

  1. Karsty

    Trichocereus soil mix

    Hi folks, I've just acquired a very nice young Trichocereus/Echinopsis terscheckii from The Palm Centre on sale. It definitely needs repotting, and I want to get it going really well, so I've been nosing around for the "best" soil mix. I've gotten hold of some pumice ("lava rock"), and I've got, I think, the other general ingredients, but a couple of sources recommend including limestone. Any facts or opinions on this? Karsty.
  2. Hey guys! so im new here and I want to make a terrarium and i have these plants: What kind of soil is best for these to keep them going good? I see this soil in the suggestions: I can see the sundews etc planted in that in the description. Do you reckon that's best? I just want to know from some experts ;-) I would like the plants to thrive in the tank Thanks! I'm still learning alot! so sorry for my ignorance in the subject
  3. lil_flytrap_kid

    Dionaea study - your help wanted!

    Hello everyone! I don't know if any of you remember me but I started posting on this and similar websites (e.g. terraforums) at the young age of 12, almost 10 years ago! I'm now 20 years old and studying Plant Science at the University of Manchester. Still having a keen interest in carnivorous plants, I have fortunately managed to convince my supervisor to allow me to study nutrient uptake in Dionaea muscipula for my final year dissertation. To put it simply, I want to find out exactly why they experience stress and die in high nutrient soils - what is it that makes them sensitive? My theory is that it's down to either having highly efficient nutrient uptake channels in the roots, which would have evolved to make the most of what little nutrient is available in peat soil. As we all know, VFTs can still be grown (albeit more slowly) without being fed - they therefore must be getting nutrient from the soil, the traps only supplementing their diet. I also think perhaps they have lost the mechanism by which to stop nutrient uptake in their roots when it reaches high levels. Due to this, the plant cannot control uptake of nutrients and so nutrient content quickly reaches toxic levels, stressing and killing the plant. My first idea is that I will test different levels of nutrients (such as potassium, zinc, etc) in the growing medium and find out if there is a particular mineral that VFTs are sensitive to. Although this is more scientific than horticultural I thought some of you may be interested in helping me out with this. I have only just begun to plan my experiment but wanted to hear any feedback of your own experiences with VFTs relating to this, and any opinions or suggestions you may have. For example, what in your opinion are the main signs of stress due to high nutrient in the medium? How long would it typically take a plant to die? Has anyone every tried fertilising VFTs? Etc etc.. all feedback welcome! I may also start a poll to help collaborate data from everyone's experiences (if that's okay with you mods?). I'd also like to know whether anyone can advise on where I can purchase wholesale VFTs cheaply - preferably propagated so they are all clones and of known, same age? If any of you run a commercial website I would be so appreciative if you could send me a message to let me know who your supplier is - I need to keep costs down as I have a very limited budget as an undergrad and so need to remove the middle man so to speak. It's purely for scientific research so there's no risk of commercial competition or what not! I look forward to hearing from everyone! Best, Danny