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  1. Hi, I am about to re-pot my Sarracenia, as it has long outgrown its original pot and needs a better soil mix. I have purchased some long-fibre sphagnum moss live, a bag of perlite and a bag of Sarracenia compost. My question is this; what ratio do I mix the compost and perlite and how do I go about adding the moss? I am told that the moss goes on the bottom of the pot, with the compost and perlite mix on top of the moss. Is this correct?
  2. Hi everyone. I'm seeking for a Leah Wilkerson sarracenia. I'm from Spain so I need it to be delivered to Spain. Best regards
  3. My first sarracenia flowers for this year have opened on my 'Marston Dwarf' plant. It seems to be weeks ahead of anything else. Pretty early for the UK, but I expect our Italian friends have had flowers for months now!
  4. Hey there, I just want to share some pictures with you. :) It was a really nice season for my plants. grows fast and get a cool colouration after some trees dies around the house, because millions of bark beetles... Pics are random from june to now.
  5. Hi I read a page mentioning how Saracenia can be grown successfully in Coir at http://carnivorousplantsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/carnivorous-plants-growing-well-in-coir.html . However, other pages suggest it is not good. I am wondering if you know more regarding who else is successfully using it and if so, what type of coir they use and how they are treating it before hand. I heard it helps if the coir is washed well and also aged. However, I am not sure how long the coir would need to have to stand after it is wet before it is good to use. Do you have any idea or who may know more? Locally I can source Tropicoir at https://www.gardencityplastics.com/tlpro4wrapped.html and https://www.bunnings.com.au/brunnings-90l-mega-coir-garden-soil-mulch-block_p2960146?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgvqSwZGW8gIVGplmAh24DARXEAQYASABEgKWffD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds A problem is I do not have much time to age it and would need to use it within a few days so I hope this is all right if I wash the coir a few times. This is because the Sarracenia are starting to shoot with Spring almost here. What I am trying to do is put the coir in polystyrene boxes and putting a couple of small holes in the bottom so that the box will hold water for a couple of hours and then slowly drain away to wash out any salts. I could top up the box with water maybe two or three times a day to rince it. I plan trying to mix the coir with sphagnum based peat for some of the plants at 1 part coir to 1 part peat to 2 parts Perlite. However, I may run out of peat soon so will also try one part coir to one part Perlite. Please let me know of anyone that has had successful results and how they treated the coir before use. Regards Richard.
  6. Hi All, Newbie here with some photos etc of my S.Asbo from Southwest CP last year. I wanted one for ages and took the plunge, I wasn't disappointed at all, even though it cost me £50.00. I hope you like the photos as it seems (from my googleing) that there is little information out there on these.. (7) 'Sarracenia Asbo' Trumpet Pitcher Plant - YouTube (7) Sarracenia Asbo unboxing - YouTube Enjoy. Regards, Chris Staffordshire, UK.
  7. My S. Purpurea has been doing well again this year, but over the last couple of months I've noticed that the new pitchers it's producing are deformed. Last year, I did have a slight problem with tiny caterpillars that were folding the tops of the pitchers over and binding them with silk, but there's no sign of these this year. I have also checked for other pests and sprayed with my usual fungicide/pesticide earlier in the season, as a preventative measure. The only thing I can think of is either a root pest, or some sort of genetic abnormality which is now showing itself as the plant matures (It's coming up to 3 years old now). I took this photo yesterday, If anyone has experienced this or knows what's causing it and any possible treatments, your advice would be appreciated. Best regards, Ian.
  8. Recently I have Been noticing little black spots on my Sarracenia bug bat a week after I got it. The plant is in great condition showing no deformities or illness and these black spots look like they aren't hurting the plant. They also just come of if you scrape them of with my finger. They also have spread to my Sarracenia Judith Hindel and it's driving me crazy i don't know if it's a parasite or If it's natural if you can please reply if you know what it is
  9. Hi I've been away for a week and when I got back I discovered these twisted pitchers. They were fine and straight when I left. I think they have been attacked by a bug of some sort - thrips? The little white evil dots in the photo! I've treated with Provado. Have I done the right thing? I've only been keeping sarracenia for 9 months so still learning. Help appreciated. Thanks Robert
  10. Hello friends I have been noticing a few problems in my minibog, which contains a Sarracenia, several Drosera and a Dionaea, the Drosera are fine and flowering, but the Sarracenia seems to be having trouble pitchering, it sent two rather short-lived pitchers, which dried up from the top, then the third one is kind of discolored (this scared me a bit), the rhizome seems healthy to my untrained eye at least so I hope it's not rot. The Dionaea is also doing weird things, it exploded into 3 or 4 plantlets just after not flowering (i cut it), and got 2 normal traps, but the new ones are taking ages to mature and some have burned before opening, the leaves are perky and the rhizome is again healthy, white-pinkish. So the question, are my plants horribly dying or are they fine and they just need time to adapt? Conditions: Soil: peat/perlite 50:50, some Sphagnum moss on top and some mixed in the media Light: it gets direct sun from 8am to 14 pm, I live in Spain so it's quite strong. Maybe it burnt the pitchers in combination with some hot wind. Water: RO, last month I was far from home so I topped the bog with water, when I returned i unplugged the drainage hole near the bottom and flushed it with some more RO water ¿Could this stagnation be the issue? I'm trying to keep it a bit more dry now Photos of the plants (I can't attach them, files too big): Dionaea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQqbaOdZuDUROc5CbEqrNp6tlZdFGr9H/view?usp=sharing Sarracenia: growth point https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sWsxExvkn-Wq54tfkKO67IdpGWzY_9Yo/view?usp=sharing general view, notice how the newest pitcher has some discoloration, even though it's not deformed or anything like that https://drive.google.com/file/d/12642LprEtKsUFNlHqX5Z7oH-_vQsd0JX/view?usp=sharing Thanks for your opinions on my plants, hoping they are fine, best regards.
  11. I have an apartment with moderate sun in the morning through eastward balcony; over past week, my sarracenia has been in a relative’s garden and the direct sunlight has really helped it. I was wondering whether a grow light would help it maintain good growth and strong stems if used during the night in the apartment as otherwise it will only get 4 hours direct sun in the morning on the balcony or living room windowsill. Have previously used an 18W LED Grow Light on bonsai and it did a good job so was hoping it would on the sarracenia also. as said, it already gets direct sun in morning so it’s only necessary later in the day. Thankyou!
  12. My sarracenia is going red on its pitchers which are growing; is this normal? Last year pitchers were totally green; this year they are going red in areas like a person with a heat rash. Tried uploading photo but it didn’t work.
  13. I have an apartment with moderate sun in the morning through eastward balcony; over past week, my sarracenia has been in a relative’s garden and the direct sunlight has really helped it. I was wondering whether a grow light would help it maintain good growth and strong stems if used during the night in the apartment as otherwise it will only get 4 hours direct sun in the morning on the balcony or living room windowsill. Have previously used an 18W LED Grow Light on bonsai and it did a good job so was hoping it would on the sarracenia also. as said, it already gets direct sun in morning so it’s only necessary later in the day. Thankyou!
  14. Hi there, Was wonsering about using just sphagnum moss with no other ingredient in the soil (no sand or perlite etc etc) to grow the sarracenia. Have seen people posting previously about how their sand or perlite has has made their soil anoxic so was hoping to avoid that with a pure sphagnum moss soil. Thankyou.
  15. So here’s my Sarracenia; I just gave it three spiders which were wandering around the living room and was wondering how it will digest them. Will they be dissolved in enzymes? Or will it just wait on them to die and rot and then get the nutrients they provide in that way? Thankyou!
  16. Cup trap. Sl seedling. Schuppentiel 1. Funnel trap. S. leucophylla "Red Veines/White Top MK L 15", Citronelle AL Best regards.
  17. Is there a particular type of sphagnum that would be good for Sarracenia seeds? For example, would fresh sphagnum be preferable to dried? Does it need to be treated in some way?
  18. I am fortunate to have received some seeds from the Carnivorous Plant Society in the UK. They are "Sarracenia mixed hybrids". What is the best course of action to grow them? From reading around, it seems they would require the sunniest window and rain water. I have the impression that once an appropriate soil mix is found, all that will be needed is rain water. It sounds like the soil mix is important to their success. They are meant to take a very long time to grow, years and years. Is there nothing that can speed their growth? There are about 30 seeds, altogether.
  19. fly

    Opinions please!

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been on this forum since we used our CPs as our wedding centrepieces ten years go! Glad to se it is still going strong :) I would be very grateful for everyone's opinions - I have always taken off the dead growth on my Sarras by removing the whole pitcher at the base. They basically peel off from the stem. Is this the best way or do people just trim them right down instead? I have seen professional growers who cut their whole collections right back so there's nothing to see when dormant - do you guys do this and if so when is the best time? We moved our whole collection into a polytunnel last year and they have flourished, so this year's job of cleaning up and splitting is going to take some time! any opinions appreciated, thank you :)
  20. Good afternoon, i have had some problems with my sarracenias, i have one S.flava and one S.stevensii that now seems to not be so good. I dont know if winter is coming or its something of autumn or hibernation, im living in madrid. They have too much spots and brown parts like bites of insects, i have found sometimes little spider webs, some night i have seen flying white flies... i dont know what it is...if is some insect or some fungus or some virus... i have used potasium soap and neem oil and nothing seems to work... have someone the same problem? Lots of thanks! love this forum! Sarracenia Flava 6 Sarracenia stevensii
  21. 122310572_10214281092004472_7476157815627118611_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 2 22282083_10214281112324980_2034286327114033368_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 3 22281555_10214281107164851_8979341112517058381_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 4 22279853_10214281117565111_4705495137940233761_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 5 22279721_10214281094724540_6285228022487532070_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 6 22279677_10214281118925145_6272963155229253087_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 7 22228502_10214281093404507_8945827465771143859_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 822228331_10214281084964296_5101420548385551595_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 9 22228265_10214281115965071_5353956662317609632_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 10 22221832_10214281095484559_9038005390994072105_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 11 22221785_10214281108284879_8059060656872037841_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 12 22221769_10214281085084299_4743442786361869188_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 13 22221664_10214281097164601_1431015711558453521_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 14 22196481_10214281111164951_7648426508057073792_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 15 22196135_10214281113725015_3066917181539489290_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 16 22196008_10214281101484709_8970976735799130055_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 17 22195951_10214281087164351_8232730561505451523_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 18 22195633_10214281085364306_6680191187960799197_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 19 22195267_10214281096884594_504583070663768952_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 20 22195260_10214281088404382_6497485491100382407_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 21 22154675_10214281095924570_508262962667422013_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 22 22154568_10214281092564486_2929695175432755052_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 23 22154460_10214281113485009_4953934800096655077_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 24 22154421_10214281092884494_7574466381602796823_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 25 22141315_10214281117045098_1270928613467836449_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" />
  22. Recently picked up a couple of unlabelled Sarracenia from Wyevale garden centre and was wondering if anyone is a dab-hand at identifying species I believe the first is S. leucophylla, and that the second is some hybrid of S. purpurea?
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