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Found 1 result

  1. Hi forum! I'm kinda new here, but have been lurking around for awhile. Sorry for a really long first post, haha! I recently aquiered 7 cephs from a gentlemen who seem to have taken good care of them, they were all in good shape upon arrival. My problems started the following morning when i saw a colour change in the largest specimen. It had gone a dull-ish colour and the back of the pitchers looked purplish!? From there the plant went to brown and i eventually cut away all wilted pitchers and a portion of the stem to where i could see white inside, instead of dead tissue. I have since just let it mind its own business thinking it may just have been stressed from the journey here from England (i live in Sweden). Though, the same thing have continued happening with the others aswell over the last month since their arrival. It starts of with the larger pitchers withering then the whole plant follows rather quickly. Even though it was happily putting out newgrowth up until right before the collapse. One of the collapsed plants i went ahead and sacrificed right after its demise to be able to examine its roots (and satisfy my curiosity). When cutting away the almost dead pitchers i noticed the center of the stem had a brown/black colour to it? I kept cutting until this black colour went away and the rest of the roots downwards from there seemed ok, fresh white fibrous roots and the older ones a burgundy colour. So i made root cuttings of everyrhing that seemed healthy. The other plants that have died down (i've got one healthy looking plant left atm) i've just cut away the dead tissue and left them be for now. The parts that are still above soil level still has a brownish colour to them. If it were root rot wouldn't it just have disintegraded? Or atleast turned black? Could this be the cephs adjusting, and that they'll eventually come back from the roots? What would YOU have done? Dug up another one and inspect what's happening beneith soil level? The cephs are sitting on my windowsill (south) with the blinds halfway shut to not get as much direct sun while acclimating (is this totally wrong?). They have a sunblaster 24W T5 fixture above them for light, and obviously a fair amount of natural light goes through the halfway shut blinds. I've kept to watering them when the soil starts looking a bit dry on the absolute surface. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Would be a pity to loose em' all. It's really frustating seeing youre beloved plants die down for no apparent reason.. Thank's in advance! /Sonny