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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Do you think the season or weather conditions when Nepenthes cuttings are taken will make much difference to the success rate if the cuttings will be planted in a heated terrarium? A cold snap is predicted as Winter has just started, so I thought it may be better to take the cuttings just before it in case the plants became stressed due to the cold. The temperature range is predicted to be from 9 to 20°C from Friday for a few days. Temperatures have mostly been above 15°C up till now. Would it be much advantage to take the cuttings before the cold snap? If I leave it go until spring or Summer, much of the stem may get too old and it will be very long. Also, do you think it may help improve strike rate or at least not reduce it if I soaked the cuttings in water for maybe 4 days? I just wonder if this could help hydrate them. Also, I could add some rooting hormone or honey to the water to help sterilize them and increase root growth. Is that a good idea? I had the idea also because I may not get time to do the cuttings before the cold snap so I could just cut the stems in the correct places and soak them in water inside the house out of the cold until I can pot the cuttings. I tried soaking cuttings in water for months to try to root them before. However, I did not have much success so I am thinking of wrapping dead sphagnum around the base of the cuttings and planting into a mix of peat and perlite. I live at Tolga which is near Cairns, but I am at 757 meters altitude and winter temperatures can get down to 5°C. A common temperature range in winter is between 12 and 22°C. It should be higher in the greenhouse that I will wrap in plastic and heat if it is very cold. Regards Richard.