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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, so let me introduce myself first! My name is Vaneni, I am from Armenia (a country where even the botanical garden does not have any CP!!!!). If i do ask too many question or talk too much, do forgive me. I am a beginner, i love my plants and i am in panick! I have three plants, dionaea, drosera? and sarracenia?. so i bought my plants in Moscow, from a hypermarket Auchan (those with French connections will know it) mid October. Even though I traveled with them in my hand baggage, they did suffer some physical damage upon arrival. Brown leaves, cuts. I guess the plants were in a lot of stress. A few days after i was home i noticed a teeny tiny white bug in the soil. it disappeared so quickly made me doubt i saw it in the first place. so i forgot all about it. My plants quickly recovered from the travel stress. drosera produces lots of dew, sarracenia has grown new leaves up to 10 cm long (within two month!!). 2 weeks ago i noticed that there are after all tiny white bugs in my plants. all three of them. there is no damage to the plants (i dont see any with naked eye), i see bugs mostly in the soil. they rarely come out. i found one dead inside sarracenia. they are very small, probably 1 mm or less. i saw an even smaller black one once (maybe a baby one??!!). i am pretty sure i bought them already infected. they were too close to other ordinary flowers in the shop and i suspect the bugs are probably smth popular among all the plants and not just CPs. now to the questions, hope you guys can help me figure out what to do! - Could you please confirm i got the plant names correct. (pictures will follow soon) there was no labeling on the plants, just says CP mix. - Should i repot them ASAP?? this is quite tricky as i read i should use peat moss and perlit mix. I got the perlit but there is no way i can find peat moss or anything similar here in Armenia. can i repot them a month later? (i can order peat moss online, it will take a month to arrive) or is there smth else i can use instead of peat moss. they sell an orchid mix here, can i use it?? - How else can i get rid of the bugs? Are they dangerous? i had a sneak peak at one of the roots and it looked healthy to me. but i should mention i do not have any experience in root health. Should i use chemicals? or will repotting help alone? also i read somewhere i can place the plant in the water for two days and all the bugs will die out. Is this true?? Should i try it? - Is it ok to leave the plants like that, since it looks like they are happyly thriving? I should probably say if i did not see the bugs, i would never suspect anything was wrong with the plants. looking forward to talk to you all and to hear all the great advices!!! thx!!
  2. smudge


    From the album: Sarracenias

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