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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I am thinking that for the healthy Sarracenia I may be able to pot one of the divided plants back into the same pot it came out of again without having to wash or sterilize the pot. This is because the plants were growing all right in the pot that it came out of and there was no crown rot. Could this be all right? I was just thinking this because it takes many hours of work to wash pots and then sterilize them. What it costs me in wages is more than the pots are worth new. I can see the point of washing and sterilizing pots if the Sarracenia died or maybe better still not using those pots any more for Sarracenia, but instead for something else that is very hardy and common. That would save washing pots. I used bleach (1 part bleach to 10 or 20 parts water) to sterilize the pots. Hydrogen peroxide could be better because unlike bleach it may not have to be washed off the pots before planting in them. However, it is expensive if it is diluted to about 3% in a bucket of water. I am not sure how many pots can be sterilized in one bucket before the water and peroxide or bleach mix needs to be changed due to the dirty water? If the one bucket could be used for hundreds and if dirty water did not matter, peroxide may be viable. Your help would be appreciated Regards Richard.
  2. Hello Is there much of an advantage in washing roots and soaking Sarracenias in a fungicide when dividing? What I have done before is take the plant out of the pot and wash the roots under a tap to get rid of almost all of the potting mix. Then the clumps were divided by pulling apart the crowns. These were placed in a solution of wettable Sulphur and soaked there for a few minutes. Then they were potted up. Do you suggest this method or could I get away without having to wash the roots or soaking in Sulphur? If I did not soak in Sulphur or alternatively Hydrogen Peroxide, would it mean many more losses due to crown rot? Sulphur or Hydrogen Peroxide could also be watered into the pot after the plant is potted. I wonder how that would go? I also see some information regarding Hydrogen Peroxide and Sarracenia at . Do you think Hydrogen Peroxide may be better than Sulphur for this purpose? Despite dipping them in Sulphur before like described above, I still lost a number to crown rot. I wonder if there would be less losses if I left at least a couple of crowns on each division instead of only one crown on each? Also, bear in mind that I have had a lot of thrips on the plants recently. However, I have cut the leaves off but there still may be some in the crowns. Regards Richard.