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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, so I know I've posted lots of pictures today but these are the last few! I got a vegtrug the other week and decided to try to turn it into a bit of a bog garden. I've watched YouTube videos and seen lots of pictures and have started to give it a go so fingers crossed I'm doing it right. The liner of the vegtrug lets a lot of water out so I lined the bottom so that the bottom inch collects water, I then used a drinks bottle with the bottom cut of to create a 'pipe' that I can water into so that it's kind of like watering into a saucer at the bottom. I've filled the container with a mix
  2. I've got a very small ceramic container with a 25cm diameter and depth of 8cm, hoping to make an outside mini bog garden with 2 or 3 Sarracenia and lots of moss. Is it possible to make a pot bog garden with no drainage holes or will this be too anaerobic for the roots and submerge them too much? I was thinking of using Purpurea and Flava, but are there varieties that cope better with being more submerged in water? Also is it best to line the bottom with stones? I'm very new to carnivorous plants so any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. From the album: Mwilko86

    Last years (2016) working progress on my establishing outdoor growing project. The flag iris was there to bulk out the planter and has been swapped with another leucophylla.
  4. Hi all First post here! Couldn't find an answer to this anywhere so thought I'd ask opinions here. I am presently building a raised bog garden after having had a few tub/ planter style ones on the edge of a pond. My question is specifically around mulching over winter if I were to grow some of the more borderline hardiness plants in it (VFTs, Sarracenia psittacina etc.). I get a regular meat delivery and this is packaged with an insulating product called Woolcool ( and I was hoping someone might be able to tell if this would work to cover the
  5. Dear all, I would like to share with you a pictorial of this ‘self-sufficient’ watering table I recently constructed. I was looking for a solution to avoid having to continuously water my (mainly) Sarraceniaceae collection and especially during holidays etc. I came up with a design for a setup which collects rainwater in a reservoir and automatically pumps it to the highest watering table above the reservoirs with a solar powered pump in a continuous cycle. This is the original design (sorry, this part is in Dutch): Because I grow my plants on the balcony (I live in
  6. This is my FIRST proper attempt at growing carnivorous plants outdoors. I have spent years with them on the windowsills and i finally decided it would be nice to try and create one outdoors which i have put off ever since my expensive cobra lily died the second it went outside (I now believe this was because he was in the full sun!) The Sarracenia traps were already brown in their pots and due to the size they grew, decided these must be first to go outside, along the troth i have also added in another type of Sarracenia and also a Venus Fly Trap and a Sundew which wasn't 'thriving' indoors
  7. Ok, so I have recently decided that I want to get some CPs for my garden, but I'm not sure what format I want them in, and would like some of your help in choosing. My wife hates houseplants so they must be hardy enough to stay outside year-round, and I don't have a greenhouse. Our soil has a ph of over 8.3 and drains faster than a hose can water it, so I can't put them in the ground. Because of this, I think I either want a mini bog garden in a pot, or carnivorous plants in the margins of my small pond (I have space for 2 15-20cm aquatic baskets in full sun (1 12cm deep and 1 4cm
  8. Hi all, I have observed and read your bog garden entries with interest. I have a small collection of hardy saracennia that I grow on the south facing windowsill of a barely heated conservatory (gets down to around 3 degrees C in winter). Over years, my plants looked less vigorous and I was advised to leave them out for at least 6 weeks in winter for a really sharp chill to allow them to be properly dormant. This does seem to work and I now leave them from around November to March! Hence, they can spend weeks under snow, albeit on raised staging. Therefore, I have decided to try and plant t
  9. Luke

    Pond life

    I've made a pond from a large Belfast sink. I've made part of it a bog garden but most of it is a pond. I want a utricularia (aquatic) any recommendations. (where do I get them?)