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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening all, its been a while since I've made a post but I'm just curious if others have this.... well its becomming a problem I purchased a single, small drosera adelae in September last year a small specimin for the princely sum of £3, it grew well so I thought I'd divide it in case the worst happened... well now its taken over. They seem to send runner's of sorts that pop up in any location in its pot, and have even started to migrate out of the pot and into the small well of water in the propagator underneath. Ironically I didn't think I'd do too well with it as it requires warmer conditions generally but seems to have not been bothered by my cold bedroom windowsill. It does get a fair amount of light though. Below are some pictures, they're far bigger now, and spreading like mad, I might have to become ruthless, but I do like it as a sundew as its extremely sticky and quite appealing. It also seems to flower regularly as well despite us only just coming out of the darker months. Does anyone else have experience with growing these? Am I lucky/unlucky in the sense that its growing like mad and I might have to take a similiar stance to it as I do with my capensis.... removing them regularly when they're not wanted? I did see a simple but seemed effective setup of containing it to a single larger pot and letting it do its thing within its own boundaries, but I do dislike limiting plants when I like them.... problem is I could end up with a bedroom full of adelae's
  2. Hi there I'm in the process of building a large(ish) terrarium for some lowland nepenthes and was wondering if people had some suggestions of other plants that I could put in there with them. This is partly to add a bit of colour and variety and also because most of our lowlanders are pitifully small, so would be good fill the space up a bit until the neps are big enough to do that themselves. Other carnivorous plants would be great of course, would Drosera adelae do ok in the higher temperatures as long as humidity is high? Any other carnivores? Cheers, Mark