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Found 4 results

  1. Any news about wistuba.com? Ive messaged them over the months, about 2 or 3 moths ago and again about 3 weeks ago and no one ever responds, is this store open anymore? i see they are a sponsor here, Ive love to make an order with them, the have some nice specials but i mean 2 emails and not one response is a bit strange. Maybe Im flying straight in to their junk mail, i don't know.
  2. My N. Muluensis from AW looklike its not going to pull through, all the plants i ordered from wistuba are doing great except this one. It was quite a bit smaller thean the others i recieved though. Its odd as i expected the N Rajah an N. Lowii i got in the same order to give me problems but they are doing great. Does anyone grow N. Muluensis and would be willing to share their conditions so i know for next time if i have done anything wrong? I'll add a photo maybe later but i warn you its not pretty.
  3. Hi guys, I just placed an order for 2 N. Rajah, an N. Lowii and an N. Inermis. Does anyone else grow these from wistuba that could show some pics of what to expect from them. when they arrive i'll be sure to post piccies!
  4. H. minor var. pilosa question.... Mine is still very small, recovery has been a long road back. I now have several mature pitchers about an inch and half tall. Color and shape are good, but none are showing any hirsute tendencies yet.... starting to worry. I know in the official description it mentions the hair is only found on the upper 2/3rd of the pitcher (iirc, I would need to verify that statement so don't quote me) So wondering if the lack of hair at this early stage is normal or if I do have an issue with my plant or my conditions. Would like hear from those that have experience with this species. thanks in advance Av
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