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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Folks, I finally found the web page from experienced growers stating that VFTs can easily take -7°C, and for brief periods -12°C, although freezing drying winds necessitate protection. I have recently tried growing VFTs outside in the UK as I just stated in another post, and brought 6 different clones through unscathed (just north of London). All I did was place an open transparent cylinder of glass or plastic over the plants to protect from winds. In my limited experience they don't like blustery conditions at any time of year. I guess it keeps setting the traps off and they lose their energy. It wasn't a particularly cold winter, but they did experience frost. They all came through unscathed. I'll work my way around to post some pics. I just want to state here also that there was a healthy colony growing for many years in the New Forest in the UK, until it was recently apparently removed for not being native. I never saw them, but it was well known in an esoteric kind of way amongst CP growers, and I know the location. One of these days I will check it out just in case any are still there. Does anyone have any frost-experiences with VFTs to share? Is anyone prepared to experiment? Hi to Tropicat who said she would experiment (~8 Check out this web page: https://www.growcarnivorousplants.com/Articles.asp?ID=257 Karsty.
  2. Hi every Darl grower, As I have to remove plants from outside for the wintertime (Swiss mountains, 1000 m asl), I don't have enough place to store them all (adult and seedling) in a frost-free veranda window. So many might end up in bottom shelves in the said veranda, in real low light (darkness indeed). As the plants would be dormant, do you think it is ok, or do they DEMAND light anyway? Thanks a lot for your opinions and answers, OL
  3. Hi there everyone, I've just joined CPUK recently, and have grown cp's including temperate drosera for about 5 years, however I had to stop for a couple of years until this January. I live in Scotland, my greenhouse minimum temperature is set to 10°C and gets up to around 15°C during the day. I'll be receiving three drosera regia plants soon, and have read the entries on regia in Slack's 1979 and D'Amato's 'Savage Garden along with many of the posts in this forum. What I'm unsure of and would like some advice on from those who have had success in cultivating this species, is how to treat the plant over it's winter period. Some people have been saying that they keep the plant just moist over winter, while others keep it hot and with high water levels throughout the year, giving it no winter resting period at all. When I looked up the conditions in the plant's natural habitat (Wellington, South Africa), it seems that winter there (June to October) has high rainfall, so I can only assume that while I keep this plant in it's winter resting phase at 10-15°C (same as natural habitat), I should keep the pot sat in a few centimetres of water? If you're about to argue that those conditions don't occur in regia's natural habitat, please just look it up before you say anything (unless I'm as thick as two short planks and can't read simple weather data, in which case please correct me), I've attached a link below so you don't even have to do that yourself ;) http://www.worldweatheronline.com/Wellington-weather-averages/Western-Cape/ZA.aspx I'd really appreciate some help with this, as drosera regia is a plant I have longed to grow for years so I would really like to do it right, and not kill what will be my new favourite plant! Many thanks in advance :) David
  4. Hi, could anybody advise on how to care for my Utrics properly through the winter. They were all bought this year so it's the 1st winter and I'm not too sure what's the best conditions for them. should I expect/encourage dormancy? In particular I'm not too sure what to do with U longifolia (I read somewhere it should dry out and rest through the winter), U alpina (also read it should dry out), U nelumbifolia & finally U quelchii x humboldtii. I divided the longifolia bought earlier in the year so some are in LFS/perlite others in peat/sand currently quite wet but not standing in water. They're in a greenhouse that I'm hoping to keep above freezing. Some are in heated propogators (set at 15C) whilst others are just on the greenhouse staging with bubble wrap over them. I took a couple more inside (central heated but covered for humidity). U alpina, in LFS, again in the heated propogator in the greenhouse. I have T5 lights coming on for an hour in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, just daylight for the rest of the day. Total including daylight = 13.5 hours. U nelumbifolia & U quelchii x humboldtii, in LFS, under T5 lights (as alpina above), nelumbifolia is in 2 inches of water, quelchii x humboldtii moist but not stood in water, both in the heated propogator. I noticed the nelumbifolia leaves have started going quite pale over the last week or so. U quelchii x humboldtii is a recent acquisition and has thrown up 3 new leaves in the last couple of weeks. Sorry a lot of details there. Do you think my conditions are OK or is there something else I could try, also is how I keep them through the winter likely to encourage/discourage flowering next year. Hope you can help. Many thanks for any help offered. Regards Gaz
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for winter care advice for my new N maxima, I live in Derbyshire in the UK so this question will be mostly aimed at any Nep growers in the UK Midlands I guess but all advice, no matter where you live, will be gratefully received. My wife bought me the nice N maxima for a birthday present this year and it has grown really well during the summer. I understand it is a highland variety. As this is my first Nep I'm not sure what will be the best way to get it through the winter. I've done a bit of reading up but you can't beat advice from more experienced growers. Here in Derbyshire we can expect some sub-zero temperatures and mid-winter daylight is down to about 8 hours or so. I've added some heating to the greenhouse and I'm hoping to be able to keep it at a minimum of somewhere between 6-10 degrees C. I also have a couple of heated propogators for the smaller plants (Drosera, Pings, Utrics etc) but nothing similar into which the N. Maxima could fit so it will be sat on the greenhouse staging. Will this be adequate or do I need to bring the plant into the house for winter? What minimum temperature can it stand? Do I need to put it under artificial light? Does this species have any dormancy requirements? Thanks in advance for any advice you have. Cheers Gaz
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