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Found 10 results

  1. Took it upon myself to carefully track detailed information on how Venus Fly Traps grow from seed as seedlings since it seemed like many do not grow from seed and little about their growth at those stages is documented (believe me, I spent hours trying to find info on this). The parameters are based on watering amount (I've made up my own metrics for this based on the amount and different methods of watering per week), # of traps (.5 meaning a trap is either dying off or ailing), height, and width. This may not be typical for all, but you can find individual plant data as well as their corresponding charts for growth attached. As you can see, some have had a hard time this winter, though a few are showing signs of shaping up while some may simply not bounce back (which I've heard could occur... however you can see my growing conditions and more details on that in my other post here if you have any advice: https://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61263-vft-mystery/&tab=comments#comment-403981). I didn't begin tracking until they were 4 months old; but I have more seeds on the way, and I will be sure to do the same for those from the start. If you have Excel, please don't hesitate to use the spreadsheets, as well, to input your own data and parameters. The pdf's are for those who don't but wish to view and do a side-by-side comparison if you so wish. Feel free to let me know of any thoughts or feedback - and enjoy! VFT #1 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #1 Growth Data.pdf VFT #1 Growth.xlsx VFT #2 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #2 Growth Data.pdf VFT #2 Growth.xlsx VFT #3 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #3 Growth Data.pdf VFT #3 Growth.xlsx VFT #4 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #4 Growth Data.pdf VFT #4 Growth.xlsx VFT #5 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #5 Growth Data.pdf VFT #5 Growth.xlsx VFT #6 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #6 Growth Data.pdf VFT #6 Growth.xlsx VFT #7 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #7 Growth Data.pdf VFT #7 Growth.xlsx VFT #8 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #8 Growth Data.pdf VFT #8 Growth.xlsx VFT #9 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #9 Growth Data.pdf VFT #9 Growth.xlsx VFT #10 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #10 Growth Data.pdf VFT #10 Growth.xlsx VFT #11 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #11 Growth Data.pdf VFT #11 Growth.xlsx VFT #12 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #12 Growth Data.pdf VFT #12 Growth.xlsx VFT #13 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #13 Growth Data.pdf VFT #13 Growth.xlsx VFT #14 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #14 Growth Data.pdf VFT #14 Growth.xlsx
  2. Hi Guys, It is a first time that I am trying to grow a carnivorous plant. I have bought some Venus Fly Trap seeds online and so far I managed to germinate one seed. The problem is that the seedling does not look like anything I have seen online so far Could someone tell me whether I have been sold right seeds? IMG_8370 by fazi87, on Flickr Thanks Martin
  3. Hi I have sown some D.muscipula 'Red Giant' seeds at the end of November and they are not doing much since then to the present day. From what I have read up on venus fly traps is that they do not take long to germinate and are the most easy cp to grow from seed. The media I used is a 1:1 moss peat, grit sand mix with live sphagnum on top and the seeds were sown onto the moss. They are pushed ever so slightly into the moss but enough that they were not entirely covered and have more contact with the moist moss. The seed tray that they are in are sat into a water tray and covered by the seed tray cover. Which is slightly too wide for the tray and leaves a bit of a gap that acts as a vent. At first the seeds were on a west facing window cill that does not get much light this time of the year and a heat mat was placed under the water tray after a couple of weeks of sowing to provide a bit of heat. They were then left there for another couple of weeks and had noticed that nothing was happening. After reading some care sheets which said that light is a key factor for their germination, I then moved the tray and the heat mat to a south facing window where there is more light. They were placed on the cill around the 14th - 16th of last month and are there to the present day. But there is more activity from the moss (which is not very much) than the seeds and there is no sign of dampening off. I am wondering whether I have missed something or I am being a bit impatient and have to give them more time. Unfortunately I am unable to post any pictures up as tapatalk does not seem to work properly on my phone. But I will be grateful for any tips and advice that is given. Mike
  4. During my college years, one of my best friends, Dr. William Ratcliff aka Will, grew out some seeds that he purchased from Orton's plantation in the Carolinas (I think he bought these around 2002 or 2003). We suspect these were wild seeds collected from private property, as they were only sold in lots of 1000 or more. Will graduated in 2005 and had to move to Minnesota for his graduate studies, so he graciously gave me all of his plants. At the time, I wasn't into venus fly traps so much, so the pot was placed among the Sarracenia. They were jammed into a 4" pot and neglected for more than half a decade! No repotting, no TLC, nuthin! Out of 50+ seedlings, only a few survived and it was clearly the strongest and tougest of the bunch. This goes to show this clone has great breeding potential since it tolerated such severe neglect. When I finally got interested in VFT's again, the pot was overgrown with weeds and smothered with dead Sarracenia leaves (it was late winter and time to repot!) In fact, the plastic pot crumbled into pieces when I picked it up since it was so weathered from the sun! Dionaea "Orton's Red Side" as I'll tentatively call it was repotted and "grown for Jesus." After the first year of recovery, the 3 or so main plants produced huge traps! This clone can turn reddish on the inside of the trap (like most venus fly traps), but what makes this individual stand out from the crowd is its ability to produce red pigments on the outside of the trap while still having a solid green petiole and somewhat green interior. Environmental conditions play a huge role in this phenotype, but it also seems to be genetically based. The petioles very long petioles and can produce decently large traps. Over time, as the "bulb" grows large, it'll split into 2 or 4 plants, and the back of the bulb will form a few tiny plantlets. You know you have a vigorous clone when it constantly divides on its own (reminds me of B52). The fact that it does very well outdoors here in Northern California says a lot as well:it seems only the most vigorous VFT clones do well for us here. Some photos, taken 8/7/15. What's ridiculous is how I've had this plant for years and didn't fully notice the unique characteristics until now: The exterior of the trap. Notice there are some "normal" clones from the same seed batch mixed in this pot: The plants "shrunk" this year because I let them flower. Some of the stalks were as thick as baby asparagus: These plants were enormous last year, I'll pinch off the flowers next year and see if I can get them giant. Here's a picture of after the flowers finished taxing the plants:
  5. This is my FIRST proper attempt at growing carnivorous plants outdoors. I have spent years with them on the windowsills and i finally decided it would be nice to try and create one outdoors which i have put off ever since my expensive cobra lily died the second it went outside (I now believe this was because he was in the full sun!) The Sarracenia traps were already brown in their pots and due to the size they grew, decided these must be first to go outside, along the troth i have also added in another type of Sarracenia and also a Venus Fly Trap and a Sundew which wasn't 'thriving' indoors. My only problem is i don't have a tray beneath this trough so i am relying on memory to keep the soil very moist each day, luckily the location of this there is plenty of sun, and when it does rain it gets nice coverage. Before planting i mixed some of the 'E-coco Carnivorous Plant Fertilizer' which is made from worms or something and mixed with water. Day 1
  6. Here's some photos of very well grown venus fly traps at California Carnivores. There's so many different varieties, and unfortunately, I'm not up to date on my flytrap ID, but in any case, it's really neat to see all the different clones out there. Fortunately, Some of the pictures have tags that are readable. 10 years ago, there was Akai Ryu and maybe a handful of cultivars. Today, there are countless clones: Burbank's Best Pretty sure this is B52: And the Grand Finale-these are ridiculously beautiful:
  7. Hi everyone, I seperated my VFT today and took a few photo's. This is the plant seperated , One of the new divisions, with a few older roots and a new one at the base of the rhizome, And the Mother and daughters potted up and settling in. This is my first attempt at dividing a plant and I've already been asked by friends for clones, so I hope they do well. Regards, Ian.
  8. Hi all, I just uploaded these pics of one of my VFT when it was flowering a couple of months ago. Thought I'd share.
  9. From the album: Trappist's Photos

    My Homebase £3.99 VFT - bought early August, photoed early October 2012, repotted once.
  10. Recently, I have been getting really bad lice, up the stalk of the flowering Sundews. These lice go onto my VFTs and onto other Sundews. Hate them they have brought some plants to their knees before. I have always sprayed the plant with soapy water to get rid of them, but seems to do a lot of harm to the plant (especially Sundews). Anybody have any other ways of getting rid, or preventing it happening in the first place? Thanks
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