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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone I have been reading various forums and watching you tube videos with regard to Venus flytrap care/dormancy and maybe I have overlooked into this but now I have absolutely no idea what the best thing is to do with my Venus flytrap over winter in the UK (Manchester) I was wondering if I could get some advice for my situation here, I really have tried to find all this out myself, apologies if this is such an over asked question! I got my flytrap around 2 months ago, it’s happily sitting on the window sill of my terraced house in a large bay window, I use only rainwater, keep it damp and have fed it the odd insect here and there, it seems to look lovely and healthy and has a couple of new traps growing and a couple that are going black. I think I’m doing good with it so far. I’m expecting that it will be going into dormancy anytime soon (maybe that’s started already) and that it needs to do this to survive in the long run. · I have read somewhere that in certain plant hardiness zones you don’t need to do anything apart from water less in winter….is this the case in the uk? · I have no garage, basement, shed or greenhouse to move the plant to for its dormancy where it can stay cool enough, I will have a shed with a window eventually but not til l next year. · I have a utility room with a window that I could keep unheated in winter, but that room also has my boiler and tumble dryer in there so could get a little toasty, is this a problem? · Is the best option to move it outside into the back yard in some sort of propagator to protect it, maybe using some mulch or sphagnum moss if the weather gets bad? I’d really appreciate some guidance, I ended up with this plant kind of by accident but have grown to love it and really want to try my best to keep it alive.
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to share this Drosera rotundifolia I found growing on Bodmin moor in the UK. They were once more widespread here, but following a recent expansion of the A30 road, a long strip of the plants were destroyed, along with some bog orchid species. This photo is taken of a population that grows about 200m from the road.
  3. Hey guys, In early May I will be holidaying in the Peak District and hopefully doing many hikes, so I'm naturally curious if anyone knows of any confirmed locations of Carnivorous plants in the area (native and/or introduced)? (I'm looking at you @Hannahraptor!) I see there are deep blanket bogs especially to the north in the high peaks so expect there to be sundews about and probably pinguicula around streams and wet waterfalls. Also seen reference online to some introduced Sarracenia but not sure where and if that was historic. Anyone can PM me direct if they prefer not to publicise any locations.
  4. Hello everyone, I've joined and been reading the forum for quite some time now but never actually got myself to set up the account properly and start writing posts so far so here I am... I've been growing since the childhood days really but got seriously obsessed about 3 years ago now. I grow mainly nepenthes, cephalotus, orchids, some cactuses (that's indoors) and saracenia, cobras, some droseras and pings outside. Also a big lover of passiflora in all different forms and I make some baby steps in creating bonsai. I am planning to join the Carnivorous & orchid societies in January if you have any tips, wants to share collections/plants/cuttings etc or simply have a chat hit me up. I will try to add some pics of my collection here when I download some pics from my phone. You can see a bit of it on instagram @learethiel
  5. Hi there my name is Sabian im 12 and in the uk nottingham i currently own 4 carnivorous plants 3 nepenthes one dionea i kniw quite a bit but would like more info on other speacies like heli's butterworts and stuff my nepenthes are 1 n.ventra 1 n.ventriicosa x talangensis and 1 vietchii x burbidgeae im wanting to expand my collection with new plants drosera,heli's,nepenthes,butterwort and cephalotus's :/ so umm ya -Sabian
  6. Hi guys, I am currently looking to purchase a nepenthes hamata (my favorite) i was looking at Andreas Wistuba's site and may possibly purchase from there http://www.wistuba.com/shop/nepenthes/sulawesi/highland/nepenthes-hamata-clone-1.php however if there is a vendor in the UK that would be preferable as it would no doubt travel better. If anyone on here might be interested in selling one i would be open to that too as long as i could see pictures first of course. The only UK vendor that stocks from Borneo Exotics as far as I'm aware is Hantsflytrap.com and the don't seem to stock Hamata at the moment. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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