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  1. Vegetarian Carnivores. The first video in our new series "Siggi's CP Info" Is it possible to grow your carnivorous plants with vegetarian diet? Our first film from the new “Siggi’s CP Info” series provides the answer. Carnivorous plants predominantly capture and digest arthropods like insects, spiders or little crustaceans. Some of the largest tropical pitcher plants are even known to eat real meat, mostly small vertebrates like mice or reptiles. But what happens if you feed vegetarian food to the carnivores? Even Charles Darwin pointed out that in times of high pollen abundance the sticky traps of sundews and butterworts accumulate large amounts of pollen. Does that mean carnivorous plants are also happy with vegetarian food? Here are the results of a survey on Facebook and YouTube prior to this upload: Is it possible to feed carnivorous plants with vegetarian food? YES: 52% - NO: 36% - ONLY TEMPORARY: 12%
  2. Hi folks, Anyone know which specific species of Drosera is this? I thought it was Drosera aliciae, but this plant has "white" flowers with yellow filaments. So the flowers tell me it's not D.aliciae.
  3. Hi, im currently growing a sundew. Had it since June and was flourishing and healthy. Moved indoors in November and dew faded and now completely dry. Hasn’t ate since moved indoors either but still green. I have it next to a humidifier and under a grow light because keep hearing no dew is lack of humidity. Is there a way to get my sundew healthy again? I water it the same, twice a day and have it under the grow light for 8-10 hours a day. Any recommendations for something else? Should I put it in under a cover? Thanks in advance all! Joey
  4. Hi everyone. I have some question about my drosera filiformis red seedlings. I bought seeds of this drosera as seeds of Drosera Filiformis Red. At first they were very red, but then it became just green with red tentacles. I began to doubt that I actually have that plant and i think that they are simple Drosera filiformis with dormancy period. Now they are looking like this. I think they started forming a hibernacula. What do you think about this?
  5. I need help! I've had my Drosera Capensis for nearly two weeks now and after the first week it started to look like this. It is sitting in a south facing window getting a fair amount of direct sunlight each day. I am using de ionised water which it sits in most of the time as i let the dish dry up before watering it again. I am hoping that I can revive it back to its strong pointy leaves like it had the day I bought it. Thanks!
  6. Hi, My Drosera Capensis are throwing up flower stalks. I'm in no need of any seeds etc., so like a VFT, should I cut them off before they grow too big to preserve the energy in the plant? Same question for my Drosera Spathulata - they seem like such big stalks for such a small plant! Thanks, MG
  7. Hi all, Just thought I would introduce myself. I've always been interested in carnivorous plants, but am a very newbie grower. A few years ago I had a couple of cape sundews which were fun for a couple of years, and a venus fly trap which I kept for about 3 years until it failed to come back in the Spring. Now that I have a greenhouse (unheated), I plucked up courage to give it another go. I bought a couple of cape sundews, and a couple of 'spathulata' sundews which I hope to put outside permanently. My biggest question right now is compost for a hopefully expanding collection! Buying it from a specialist seems really expensive so I am keen to make my own, but I don't know where to start. Sundews like a peat and sand mix apparently, but I'm not sure where to buy either (The local garden centres don't seem to stock peat, and I have builders sand but apparently this is too limey). Where do I start? Or am I forced to buy the expensive stuff from the specialists? All help appreciated, MG
  8. Hi there im in need for some plants so can i have free plants like sundew seedlings anything would work but seeds will be okay but will need a detail of how to germinate and grow them pls get back :) -Sabian
  9. Hi. Show a pic.I took it just now. :) Morning,it's the time when the sundew looks the most beautiful. And,see?It captured a small flying insects.
  10. From the album: Bogs 2015

  11. From the album: Bogs 2015

    I think this is the Great/English Sundew, d. Anglica.
  12. From the album: Bogs 2015

  13. From the album: Bogs 2015

  14. From the album: Bogs 2015

  15. This is my FIRST proper attempt at growing carnivorous plants outdoors. I have spent years with them on the windowsills and i finally decided it would be nice to try and create one outdoors which i have put off ever since my expensive cobra lily died the second it went outside (I now believe this was because he was in the full sun!) The Sarracenia traps were already brown in their pots and due to the size they grew, decided these must be first to go outside, along the troth i have also added in another type of Sarracenia and also a Venus Fly Trap and a Sundew which wasn't 'thriving' indoors. My only problem is i don't have a tray beneath this trough so i am relying on memory to keep the soil very moist each day, luckily the location of this there is plenty of sun, and when it does rain it gets nice coverage. Before planting i mixed some of the 'E-coco Carnivorous Plant Fertilizer' which is made from worms or something and mixed with water. Day 1


    From the album: My plants

    © SamGreen (Myself)

  17. From the album: My plants

    © SamGreen (Myself)

  18. lorisarvendu

    July 2014 8

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    Binata. The reddest I've seen it, but still sticky.
  19. lorisarvendu

    July 2014 6

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    The flying ants were out today.
  20. lorisarvendu

    July 2014 5

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    On advice from this forum I've put my capensis outside. It's gone very red but seems to like it.
  21. From the album: Sundew Terrarium

    Drosera Spaulata 'Fraser Island' From Junction City, Oregon (USA) I planted this guy and all my sundews in this terrarium on 7/16/14
  22. From the album: Bogs June 2014

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