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Found 2 results

  1. Smarty

    Drosera id

    Please help me and identify this drosera...I think is burmannii...
  2. Guest

    It´s just not the real thing!

    Hello all, I have obtained seeds of Drosera sessilifolia from an actual reputable source last year. I was thinking if someone has the genuine stuff, the REAL THING so to say, it must be that guy. But apperently I was wrong. I don´t blame the person who sold the seeds. We´ve talked about the problem and it appears that he has been fooled as well. Well, after a lot of searching and investigating on the web I think there are very few people who in fact grow Drosera sessilifolia. A lot so called D. sessilifolia must be D. burmannii or even a hybrid between D. sessilifolia and D. burmannii. I consider those plants D. sessilifolia I know from habitat pictures of Fernando Rivadavia and Thomas Carow. The laminae are significantly more roundish than those of D. burmannii and the petioles are shorter and broader. The laminae of the latter look more triangular. Another thing is the flowers. I don´t have a photo of the flower of my fake D. sessilifolia unfortunately as I didn´t have a camera when a plant flowered. But a next scape seems to appear. This is the reference I compared my flowers with: They clearly resembled the picture of the Burmannii flower on that page although my flowers didn´t open properly... Well, here are latest pictures of what I´ve grown from the D. sessilifolia seeds: So, this is Drosera burmannii, right? A nice form of D. burmannii without doubt but it doesn´t make you happy when you originally wanted something else. To avoid starting another topic for only three pictures I go on with something completely different. ;-) Some time ago I knew of a discussion how tall Drosera scorpioides can get in cultivation. My personal record so far is: 23 cm. But I think this season will be the last for this bunch of plants! I don´t know it´s not a very pretty sight anymore, is it? I think the last plants will die during this year anyway. They are four years old now and the substrate has never been changed. The trap leaves are very small at the moment. Would be an interesting experiment to let them grow naturally where the stems bend down to the ground from a certain length and only the tip with fresh leaves is held upright. But you need a comparatively large container (or a bed) for that and I lack space! Finally the only flower(s) which have been open yesterday. :) Drosera platystigma "A" Bye bye, bye bye, bye byyyeeeee... Andreas