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Found 10 results

  1. Took it upon myself to carefully track detailed information on how Venus Fly Traps grow from seed as seedlings since it seemed like many do not grow from seed and little about their growth at those stages is documented (believe me, I spent hours trying to find info on this). The parameters are based on watering amount (I've made up my own metrics for this based on the amount and different methods of watering per week), # of traps (.5 meaning a trap is either dying off or ailing), height, and width. This may not be typical for all, but you can find individual plant data as well as their corresponding charts for growth attached. As you can see, some have had a hard time this winter, though a few are showing signs of shaping up while some may simply not bounce back (which I've heard could occur... however you can see my growing conditions and more details on that in my other post here if you have any advice: https://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61263-vft-mystery/&tab=comments#comment-403981). I didn't begin tracking until they were 4 months old; but I have more seeds on the way, and I will be sure to do the same for those from the start. If you have Excel, please don't hesitate to use the spreadsheets, as well, to input your own data and parameters. The pdf's are for those who don't but wish to view and do a side-by-side comparison if you so wish. Feel free to let me know of any thoughts or feedback - and enjoy! VFT #1 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #1 Growth Data.pdf VFT #1 Growth.xlsx VFT #2 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #2 Growth Data.pdf VFT #2 Growth.xlsx VFT #3 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #3 Growth Data.pdf VFT #3 Growth.xlsx VFT #4 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #4 Growth Data.pdf VFT #4 Growth.xlsx VFT #5 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #5 Growth Data.pdf VFT #5 Growth.xlsx VFT #6 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #6 Growth Data.pdf VFT #6 Growth.xlsx VFT #7 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #7 Growth Data.pdf VFT #7 Growth.xlsx VFT #8 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #8 Growth Data.pdf VFT #8 Growth.xlsx VFT #9 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #9 Growth Data.pdf VFT #9 Growth.xlsx VFT #10 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #10 Growth Data.pdf VFT #10 Growth.xlsx VFT #11 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #11 Growth Data.pdf VFT #11 Growth.xlsx VFT #12 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #12 Growth Data.pdf VFT #12 Growth.xlsx VFT #13 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #13 Growth Data.pdf VFT #13 Growth.xlsx VFT #14 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #14 Growth Data.pdf VFT #14 Growth.xlsx
  2. Hi every Darl grower, As I have to remove plants from outside for the wintertime (Swiss mountains, 1000 m asl), I don't have enough place to store them all (adult and seedling) in a frost-free veranda window. So many might end up in bottom shelves in the said veranda, in real low light (darkness indeed). As the plants would be dormant, do you think it is ok, or do they DEMAND light anyway? Thanks a lot for your opinions and answers, OL
  3. Hi all! I have a question. A little while ago I sent away for some Sarracenia seed which was advertised as Sarracenia x Catesbyi X Catesbyi. This was obtained from a reputable source and it proved viable. I now have a small pot with many seedlings. Yeeeay! :-) I do not know whether this seed was produced by cross-pollinating two separate plants, both the above hybrid; or whether instead, it was from a 'self' on a single specimen of Sarracenia xCatesbyi. But I am interested to know what my young plants may turn out to be.... My question is, "If you make a simple hybrid, such as Sarracenia purpurea x Sarracenia flava and take the progeny, i.e. Sarracenia x Catesbyi then cross the progeny with a similarly-conceived simple hybrid of like specific parentage, then do you get a mixture of the parent species and the hybrid S. Catesbyi in third generation plants? (Or are all the third generation plants hybrids, in fact?)" To those who claim that I should be answering this question for myself, I might add here, that it appears at this stage that all the seedlings in my pot show little variation and therefore no reversion occurs in this case.... which makes me wonder why it happens within a species for flower-colour n sweet peas. The other question is, what is the difference between Sarracenia xCatesbyi, and S. Catesbyi X Catesbyi; in other words, what extra information is the originator of this seed conveying in terms of genotype or other properties? With thanks for your attention. I am quite a newbie in growing Sarras from seed, but it is a uniquely satisfying pursuit to me. Jon
  4. I've just picked out my "Mike's Super Fast" seedlings. I sowed a few other seeds at the same time and Mikes's Super Fast definately seems to be ahead of the rest: DSC_0291 by Carl Leach, on Flickr DSC_0305 by Carl Leach, on Flickr DSC_0292 by Carl Leach, on Flickr
  5. Sorry for the poor wording. This year I have been trying to cross pollinate my red piranha and "Dentate" Venus flytraps and should hopefully have some seeds in the next week. Will the first tiny traps have the tooth shape, colouration etc of the mature traps or will I need to wait 3 years+ to decide which are worth keeping? I am new to growing flytraps from seed and I understand that the seeds will be a genetic mix, so i will get a variety of plants from the seeds. Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate.
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first post ^^ Does anyone know when my D. Binata var. Dichotoma will grow traps, they are about 1 month old or so, maybe a bit older, and only the stems seem to be growing. Sorry if this seems stupid but i'm a beginner xD ( and they could do with spacing out :O :/ ) Thanks
  7. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best time to start pricking out my VFT seedlings, as this is the first time I've grown any from seed and I'm a bit worried about disturbing them, by either doing it too soon or too late. At the moment they are just starting to unfurl their first true leaves and are still tiny. Would this be a good time to prick out and pot them on, or should I wait a while? Any advice would be appreciated. Best regards, Ian.
  8. Hi :) I have tried searching for info on here that might help me out but to little avail. Perhaps if I have missed something glaringly obvious, somebody may point me in the direction of an existing thread that I can read though, but in the meantime, here goes! I got back into keeping carnivorous plants just over a year ago and now that I have the time and space to do a better job of it, it's gone a little way beyond a few plants kept on a windowsill. I have a cold frame greenhouse that I keep most of my plants in year round, with the exception of some of the more delicate ones I have obtained recently that I will treat accordingly when the time comes. Anyway, amongst those that I have out there are some yearling seedlings- both vft's and cobra lilies. They were out over winter and survived just fine but they are so very slow growing, I am wondering if they may do better if I were to bring them inside and put them under my T5 grow light? I just bought it for other plants but I would like to use it for my carnivores if it will be of benefit to them. I also have a bunch of sarras, some more Darlingtonia and a new lot of giant vft seeds that I sowed a little while back which are now beginning to show (well, not the vft's, it's a little soon for them yet I think). Would they be happier in more stable temperature/light conditions do you think? Everything else that has been kept outside in the little greenhouse is doing really well but I am still very new to growing from seed so if anyone has any advice regarding what I could do to give these seeds/seedlings a stronger start, that would be great :) For information's sake, the seedlings are all about 1.5cm across, the darlingtonia each have a bout 3-5 little tiny traps and the vft's a few more and the new lot of sarra/darlingtonia seeds that have germinated started showing maybe a week or two ago. They are all in appropriate carnivorous plant mix compost with no moss at this stage. Also, I have one small nepenthes hybrid (no idea what... it was a garden centre gift from someone) that was in the cold frame but I have since brought it inside after reading more about their care. It gets wonderfully warm and humid on sunny days but I fear it might get a bit too cold for it at night out there. I don't have many bright windowsills in my house that are not in direct sunlight. Where would you suggest I keep this plant that it may thrive? I have a modified shelf in the cold frame that blocks direct sunlight but is still bright but I just don't know if it's a good idea to put it back outside at the moment! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  9. smudge

    Venus Seedling

    From the album: Sarracenias

    © The Cynical Gardner

  10. smudge

    Baby Sarracenias

    From the album: Sarracenias

    © The Cynical Gardener

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