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Found 1 result

  1. Our last day on Amuri. We had high expectations - reach that gorge where the "new" Heliamphora should grow, and of course find it there! So we started early in the morning, the plan was: without bigger stops ;-) OK, no way around these H. pulchella ... A first group, nicely coloured and shaped: Especially beautiful in backlight: At some spots the plants got really dark. I do not really believe in a variety or such of its own, because transitions were smooth. Anyway, here a very dark plant - even the newest, recently opened pitcher is already dark red. Very noble looking plant: A beautiful Heliamphora island with some quite dark plants: But now to the other species. This time we reached the gorge early, and found a way in. And were soon successful. First the plant that later on should get the name H. uncinata. Typical feature is the spiked nectar hood: In the gorge the light situation was different to the open meadows: weak, diffuse light. The plant is adapted to these conditions: large, green pitchers without red pigmentation or hairs inside (that are mostly for UV protection) The red dots are nectar glands. The plants grew directly on the vertical walls: a bit closer: Next to it: H. exappendiculata, with its just tiny nectar spoons embedded in the tip of the pitcher: So we had found all three species! Not sure if in between there are other species described for Amuri? But I am sure that H. pulchella will stay the queen for me The gorge had a very special atmosphere - and brought us some more fantastic discoveries. I will show you some more pictures in Part V. But to end this part, one more H. pulchella we found on our way back to the camp. Maybe the most beautiful? Andreas and Holger at work - Anja lets the gentlemen go first A closer view: and two close-ups: That's for Heliamphora on Amuri. Hope to see you in the Heliamphora gorge - part V and last of this series (see the linked square buttuns below for navigation through this series). regards Martin