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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I have recently decided that I want to get some CPs for my garden, but I'm not sure what format I want them in, and would like some of your help in choosing. My wife hates houseplants so they must be hardy enough to stay outside year-round, and I don't have a greenhouse. Our soil has a ph of over 8.3 and drains faster than a hose can water it, so I can't put them in the ground. Because of this, I think I either want a mini bog garden in a pot, or carnivorous plants in the margins of my small pond (I have space for 2 15-20cm aquatic baskets in full sun (1 12cm deep and 1 4cm deep), plus a little shaded space on the other side of my 7 square foot pond) I definitely want at least 1 sundew which I would like to be native, but I would like a VFT and some pitcher plants as well, and possibly bladderworts for a small part of my pond. However, whatever I get, I don't want to have to water everything too regularly (which is why I like the pond marginal idea), and it has to be relatively cheap (I would be very reluctant to spend over £50, and £70 is my limit). I want my plants to be for watching them catch insect and looking interesting, not for being some rare 1-of-a-kind species imported from russia. So, to summarise, I want 1 or more native sundews with a VFT and pitcher plants of some sort in either a container bog garden or in 1 or 2 15-20cm pond baskets as marginals, possibly alongside bladderworts in the pond, all ideally for under £50. Can you give me any reccommendations? Is my budget reasonable? Where should I look to find the plants?