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  1. I live in a really dusty part of town and my Pinguicula got covered in it and I'm wondering if there is any method for cleaning off all that dust. I've been thinking about letting the plant sit in the rain for a few minutes, since they live in the wilderness naturally, so there's no cover from rain water, but I don't want to damage the plant. Any ideas for cleaning are welcome
  2. I am selling Pinguicula vulgaris seeds and hibernacula on my eBay and just figured out how to ship to Europe if anyone is interested. The seeds were collected from the end of July on and the hibernacula are flowering size. Message me if you have any questions or anything. My eBay link is https://ebay.ie/usr/ant_877359
  3. Alright so today I was repotting my Pinguicula x Tina when I found out these leaves. It looks like a flower stem converted into a tubular leaf. What do you think about it?
  4. Hello! I have found a lot of butterworts in Alps (Switzerland) and I am thinking if it is P. vulgaris or P. leptoceras. Maybe somebody can identify this plant?
  5. My Pinguicula primuflora seems to be dying. I got it yesterday and it came in spaghnum moss and some Styrofoam pieces. I kept it that way and put it under my grow light. However this morning, the leafs looked really limp and after doing some research, I quickly reported it in 1 part peat and perlite. Is there a way I can revive this plant?
  6. Hi, I bought some sand to mix into media, especially to use for mexican pinguicula but potentially also for other substrates. Does anyone have experiences with this sand in particular, are there any potential issues you would expect from using it and are there any other tips a newbie like myself should be aware of? I was planning to wash it and use the white sand in the medium and the coloured sand as topping to keep moss at bay. I want to make a shallow bowl with some different pings in there... Thank you in advance for your advice, weedabix
  7. The Rolds

    P. x tina

    From the album: The Rolds plants

    Flower glands detail
  8. Hello there, I am planning to buy a pinguicula, especially Mexican species fascinate me greatly. I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on the forum regarding whether watering the plant on the tray more as other carnivorous plants or from the top as cacti or succulents. So, for tropical pinguiculas, what would the suggestions be? thanks a lot in advance!
  9. After being stuck in dormant mode for 18 months I repotted this P. gypsicola in January into a mineral mix with lime and gypsum, it came to life in late Spring and now it's flowered for the first time.
  10. Does anybody have any tips on how to get P grandiflora to flower. I have 2 plants both about 10cm in diameter, they both grow new leaves every year and look healthy but neither of them ever flowers. they're growing in a mostly mineral mix, bright filtered light in the greenhouse, watered by tray method. catching plenty of fungus gnats. Any ideas folks? Thanks.
  11. hi everyone! there is some photos taken at my small CP collection. i hope you like it! Dionaea ARGO88 clone Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora minor "auyan tepui" Drosera capensis and Drosera capensis alba Drosera regia Drosera pulchella 44A red flower Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno" more photos will come soon!
  12. On my recent holiday in Cyprus, I managed to find the only species of Carnivorous plant on the island! - Pinguicula crystallina. Unfortunately they were in a hard to reach place and they are strictly protected, so no collecting of seed. Here's the habitat shot - Caledonia falls in the troodos mountains, Cyprus. I had previously read that they were near the water (obviously) in an otherwise very hot and arid island, but had almost given up on finding them whilst walking alongside the river. Whilst taking shots of the Caledonia falls themselves, I noticed something bright green behind the water... sure enough, there they were, clinging to the rock face behind the waterfall (about halfway up)! Lovely to see some in flower as well. (Excuse the slight blurriness - this was a hand-held telephoto shot in dappled shade)
  13. Hi all, Just adding some photos and updating everyone on how the displays doing, Pitchers have come up well, and most of the plants are now in full growth. However, I am having some issues with green fly on my Drosera and Dionaea. I'll hopefully get this sorted before September. I have also nearly completed my outdoor Carnivorous plant display (I know I'm spoilt) just need to finish getting materials then plants can start going in. Any comments are appreciated, but remember this display is still young and hopefully will continue to get better, any questions feel free to ask. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f67ojhpjb6ghrfr/AAA6fgcWVnxo7ZtrUnteuyUka?dl=0 Enjoy :)
  14. My P. chilensis have done very well this spring, despite being set back during the winter by freezing winds (will do better to keep them from drying next winter). The flower looks white in the photo, but the colors are inaccurate due to the fluorescent lighting (my temperate Pinguicula are moved in towards the end of spring to protect against hot temps during summer). In reality, the color is a very light lilac.
  15. Dear CP growers, I am delighted to report some success in the cultivation of P. grandiflora. Please take some time to review the picture below. In 2012, I received seed and experienced a good rate of germination. Spurred on by the 'buttery', I purchased what must surely be a piece of fake tufa from the local aquarium specialist. It's a kind of chalk or Normandy stone that's been subject to water erosion. Pitted and knobbly, in short ideal material to stuff with a peat/clay mix and to semi-submerge in a bowl of rainwater. A few years later, and the seedlings have been transplanted into the moss. In 2015 or 2016 they flowered, and again this year too. What I like about this, is that here you have a stable and showable method of cultivating your hardy pings!!!
  16. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some pics of my P. elongata, and ask if anyone else has attempted it within recent years. This one is the one survivor of the three I received from BCP in November of 2016. So far it has been doing really well, although I now see one dead leaf tip on a elongated leaf. I think I'll save up to try and put together a chest-freezer type environment for it. Currently it just lives in my highland terrarium, although I saw significant improvements in growth once I upped the airflow in the terrarium a little (due to excess condensation from all the evaporation upon swapping T8s with T5HOs). I don't have a way to compress the images currently, so I hope an imgur link is ok:
  17. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum I do have a collection of a nice few CP's and a few Pings. Just received two Pings from a seller that claims they are Gypsicola and Ehlersiae could anyone please ID them thank you.
  18. It's been a while since I last posted here! The last couple of years has been very busy with university, fieldwork, and travelling around various parts of Europe, with much time spent away from home. While I found time to tend to and tidy the hardy plants in the greenhouse from time to time, as a result my indoor collection, which I was very proud of, has shrunk considerably due to neglect and pests. I am looking to build it up again to some extent, especially with Drosera and Utricularia (I can't believe I lost my prized flowering specimens of U. quelchii and praetermissa - there was some sort of isopod arthropod in the moss which ate at the stolons and the damage was done before I noticed! ) However, the run of nice weather recently has left things looking very nice in the greenhouse! Plenty of growth on the sarras! This is my tallest Sarra *so far* this year - but it may be beaten by an x alava. It's S. flava rugellii MK F143 'Tall clone'. Great robust pitcher, 96 cm tall, with a huge lid and lovely throat! Gorgeous tall flava ornatas This promising-looking rubricorpora seedling has been lurking unnoticed in a corner for goodness know show long until I found it and was delighted with its colour! Orange flowers of Brook's Hybrid: One of my favourites, MK H26 - flava x alata, just opened. This should go deep crimson all over later in the season. I love the small sweet red flowers of rubras en masse - in front is jonesii, left is wherryi yellow flower, back is alabamensis And wherryi 'Chatom Giant': Leucos are starting to pop open too: My first ever Darlingtonia flowers! they're lovely, and remind me of Fritillary lilies. The whole Darly plant - ridiculous numbers of stolons being produced, not that I'm complaining! More to come!!
  19. Τhousands of Pinguicula crystallina subsp hirtiflora in natural habitat of Greece!!! In a very Isolated place 700m altitude , in a very wet and very rocky soil (90%rock) , I measure the ppm in the water I found it 158ppm-190ppm very high for the most carnivorous plants, well I was curious about this variety due to there is a "myth" about that say it can grow in limestone after the measurement I can say that it will be for sure!Many plants grow as epiphytic in rocks without any soil! and the biggest ware in shaded places! Many plants tend to have a red colored cender instead of others which stay yellow-green, maybe a mutation will start! I hope to enjoy them as I do....! upload
  20. She doesn't get tired blossom flowers here are so huge!! Pinguicula colimensis x zecheri par Premier President, sur Flickr Pinguicula colimensis x zecheri par Premier President, sur Flickr Pinguicula colimensis x zecheri par Premier President, sur Flickr
  21. Hi all, I've been keeping Carnivorous Plants since Dec 2012. Till today, April 2014, I have a handful of them. I particular love Dionaea Muscipula. I do have some Drosera and Cephalotus. I always love plants that are small and clump together. I chose small and packed plants secondly because of my very limited space in a small 90 meter² floor space home. As I started my very first plant from seed, a Dionaea Muscipula. I shall share the video of my very first plant germination and continue to grow for total approxmately 80 days, made into a short clip. Please enjoy, choose full HD 1080 and watch in full screen for best experience. :)
  22. Hello everybody, I've been out of forums for a long time since Facebook groups took over the attention of so many growers like me, but I wanted to post this pictures the traditional way here. I hope you like it! P. moctezumae x moranensis alba P. moctezumae x moranensis P. potosiensis P. moctezumae x jaumavensis (This hybrid was made by me ) P. moranensis x heterophylla P. moctezumae x gigantea P. agnata "El Lobo"
  23. Hi there, this week I made a visit to the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam and brought back my first ping from the small gift shop. It was sitting in a tray of water with several VFTs but no other pings and it had no ID tag or sign. I'm hoping somebody can help me ID it? Any hints or guesses appreciated :). I'm guessing its a Mexican hybrid? I presume it would be much better to get a picture of the flower for ID, but that would have to wait until it blooms, I do have a couple of quick pics of how it looks now:
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