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Found 6 results

  1. Recently one of my nepenthes leaves went yellow with a black center and killed of the leaf. This was unusual as the plant has been doing well and the leaf was somewhat new. I shrugged it off but noticed it's happening again to other leafs. I'm not sure what's happening or if it's fatal. Should I be worried? It's growing on my West windowsill 85F at day and 65F to 70F at night with humidity at 25% in the day and 60% to 70% at night. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hey all , one of my bog gardens is located under a tree that does put off a lot polling and debris. Not to mention the lawn company has been blowing a lot of stuff into the air with leaf blowers. I noticed these little white things on some of my traps. They don't seem to be moving but I figured I'd get a second opinion on here. Thanks !!!
  3. I'm tired of fighting the aphid war with tweezers, submersion, bad language and negative vibes, and feel that it's time to use something more direct when the outbursts are particularly bad. Much of the online information regarding the best pesticides seems to reference US products - does anybody know if products such as Orthene are available in the UK, and whether they can be bought in anything less than half-tonne vats? Any advice on the best product that's available in the UK? Many thanks!
  4. I found a few earwigs around the plants, I typically have my 2 VFT plants and my pitcher seeds in pots on the windowsil. I was wondering if these can do any damage to the plants, I think I am correct in thinking they can attack plants. It was only 2 actually and I have searched the area but cannot find a gathering of any kind. Thanks folks
  5. Well I thought my little seedlings may have been done for as I spotted fungus gnat larva in the moss... I have been removing them by hand with a pin (a losing battle) then to my joy the air cavalry came to my rescue in the shape of predatory mites clinging to the belly of an adult gnat. Now have seen them in the moss so just hope are making a meal of the larva.
  6. On one of my many checks to see how my little plants are doing I saw this little fellow crawling about in the moss. I have my fingers crossed that he is a Amblyseius .sp if not could be something nasty sucking the life-force out of my seedlings. The Genus is huge and one mite looks like another but was hoping someone out there may be able to narrow it down. Well more Blu-Tack and a shaky hand and I got an image of the little critter. Click thumbnail for bigger image (little fuzzy)
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