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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am about to re-pot my Sarracenia, as it has long outgrown its original pot and needs a better soil mix. I have purchased some long-fibre sphagnum moss live, a bag of perlite and a bag of Sarracenia compost. My question is this; what ratio do I mix the compost and perlite and how do I go about adding the moss? I am told that the moss goes on the bottom of the pot, with the compost and perlite mix on top of the moss. Is this correct?
  2. I have changed from using sand/grit to perlite this year and I just wondered what other folk do with their spent compost when it has perlite in it? My old compost from re-potting used to go straight on the compost heap and thence on to the garden. Apart from perlite looking pretty unnatural, I wonder how long it takes to break down? Will it end up in the sea like nurdles? I have a river at the bottom of the garden and a sea loch only a few hundred yards further on. I realise in the great scale of life I'm not talking about tons of the stuff, the only thing I could think of was to put it in a bucket with water, give it a stir and see how much I could float off the top. There is nothing like a bit of OCD to exercise the mind ;)
  3. Hi everyone, It's about time (well, in a few months, in early spring) to repot my Sarracenia, and I'm wondering what is best to mix with peat: sand or perlite? Did anybody compare these 2? I'm particularly interested in long-term experience, as I don't want to repot too often. Thanks
  4. When dry, is Perlite meant to be almost like polystyrene. I got a bag from here: http://www.greenshorticulture.co.uk/categories/Growing-Media/Growing-Media-Improvers/Perlite/ and even when wet it doesn't seem to be the same texture as the perlite that I know from premixed composts for CPs. Is there actually different types besides sizes out there?
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