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Found 7 results

  1. hi everyone from northern italy! i'm cultivating carnivorous plants from about 10 years,i've started with a small dionaea and a sarracenia from a garden centre,and now my collection is expanding. a lot! i've recently built a small greenhouse for the plants,so they can survive my cold winter here.. i'm currently experimenting a peat free mix in a lot of my plants,and i hope to going peat free with all my plants in the future. happy to join the best CP community in the world! cheers- fabio.
  2. Hi there my name is Sabian im 12 and in the uk nottingham i currently own 4 carnivorous plants 3 nepenthes one dionea i kniw quite a bit but would like more info on other speacies like heli's butterworts and stuff my nepenthes are 1 n.ventra 1 n.ventriicosa x talangensis and 1 vietchii x burbidgeae im wanting to expand my collection with new plants drosera,heli's,nepenthes,butterwort and cephalotus's :/ so umm ya -Sabian
  3. Hey there im new to cps and want some plants now i understand if not but is there anyone you sells or gives plants out like drosera seedlings and such items as people on instagram do but im not in america im in england anyway just askin if they do or if people here do that :) -Sabian
  4. Hi, I'm Niall from Ireland! Similarly to everyone here(I assume), I have an interest in carnivorous plants. What began as oddities spotted in the local garden centre soon became my current collection of Nepenthes 'Ventrata' Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary' Sarracenia Flava Venus Fly-trap (normal form(x3)) It was only at the point of realising how excited I was when I saw a 'Bloody Mary' pop up in a florist window that I realised the trend of Carnivorous plants I have done much research into most types of CPs and currently know all the basics from ppm of water to dormancy, but with the project I've decided to embark on I am struggling to get all the information I need. As a result I type here before you to ask for help(and hopefully I'll be able to give you all help in the future). I recently bought seeds for S. Psittacina S. Alata (Dark Form) S. Leucophylla S. Minor S. Oreophila (Red Throat) S. Flava var. Ornata S. Purpurea ssp.venose var.burkii Pinguicula Grandiflora Drosera Rotundifolia (French strain) And my grand plan is to create a nice bog Garden area in my garden. So first of all to get a good handle on the forum, can I ask questions here or would it be better to split them into their respected disciplines? most of my questions are about the drosera and pinguicula as information on them seems sparse.
  5. MessyEric


    Eric here .. new to this forum. I picked up a little "kit" for a Venus Fly Trap at Skegness. I realise that is nearly pathetic. HOWEVER, it has got me interested in this whole world. I am going to post some things and gonna depend on the experts here to help me out ...
  6. I've had this cephalotus since early Summer and now there are many more pitchers and many of them are becoming cramped. I wondered if the plant needs repotted and if so, how I should go by doing this. A picture of the plant can be seen by clicking this link: http://tinypic.com/r/313ppud/6 Thanks
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