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  1. Hello Community! Since a few month I grow a Nepenthes lowii 'Mt. Kinabalu'. I will show you every month a few pictures of my plant. I hope you like them Sorry for my not so good translation. -Henrik-
  2. Hey all, Its been over 2 years since my last post and I thought I would ask you again for a little help and advice.. As an update to my original post http://www.cpukforum...wtopic=41961= ALL THE PLANTS ARE THRIVING LIKE MAD. So again i thank you all for your help in getting me up and running and into the CP world. There is one question i have about my current plants though..... The nepenthes have had seed/flower pods on now for nearly 9months... with no sign of opening or flowering or anything... How long do they usually take??? what can I do to either speed them up or call it a day? Ba
  3. So a month or so agon I was on holiday down in cornwall with my Girlfriend and naturally I just had to pay the eden project a visit, (a great day out for both of us btw) anyway, whilst in the tropical biome I happened across these little beauties..... and something a little different.... I don't know why many of the pitchers had the lids removed but I hope you enjoyed the pics anyway
  4. As the title suggests where do you guys buy your nep seeds from, i'm looking for a place that sells fresh viable seeds to the UK for future purchases?
  5. this is my N. 'rebecca soper' which has been growing very well for the past three months or so since I got it, if not pitchering, producing but a single one for me. However, whilst having a closer inspection of the pot I notices that it's sent up not one but two new shoots! (the two on the outside of the 4 now growing the larger one: and the newest one: now, my question really is what the hell should I do about this? having 4 seperate plants in a pot just shy of 4" can't be good for the health of them all, so how would I go about dividing them all up? (should I need to go down that
  6. Does anyone have Nepenthes Attenboroughii seeds, there is nothing online and i do not know where to find them. Thanks in advance!
  7. Here is a picture of my young Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana, the lid has discoloured somewhat after re-potting (was reluctant to do it but it was necessary) and looks a bit dried up, otherwise the plant looks fine but this happened in the space of 2 days. It is currently its only mature pitcher but has atleast 2 more on the way. I'd just like either reassurance that my plant wont die or advice of anything i can do to help it of it needs it.
  8. Hi :) I have tried searching for info on here that might help me out but to little avail. Perhaps if I have missed something glaringly obvious, somebody may point me in the direction of an existing thread that I can read though, but in the meantime, here goes! I got back into keeping carnivorous plants just over a year ago and now that I have the time and space to do a better job of it, it's gone a little way beyond a few plants kept on a windowsill. I have a cold frame greenhouse that I keep most of my plants in year round, with the exception of some of the more delicate ones I have obtaine
  9. Here is a picture of my young Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana, the lid has discoloured somewhat after re-potting (was reluctant to do it but it was necessary) and looks a bit dried up, otherwise the plant looks fine but this happened in the space of 2 days. It is currently its only mature pitcher but has atleast 2 more on the way. I'd just like either reassurance that my plant wont die or advice of anything i can do to help it of it needs it.
  10. From the album: My Plants

    better view of the nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana.
  11. From the album: My Plants

    still a young plant but has one nicely established pitcher and a few more coming through.
  12. I'm wondering which other nepenthes species, other than those I'm already growing will do well outside a terranium in my room? I get an average temperature of about 23oC in the day with a drop to about 18/19oC at night. Humidity floats between 32% and 50% but is usually steady in the low 40's. I already have a ventricosa which is handling it pretty well but is really still settling in, two N. X Ventratas which are loving it, an N x Rebbecca soper which is, as you'd expect for such a vigorous hybrid, growing well. However I'd love to add some more to my collection at some point. Whilst I'm he
  13. Hello, Today I finally had chance to go through some of my more then 9000 photos I took. I had such a wonderful time on the tour and got to reconnect and meet some great people. I big thanks goes out to Alastair for showing us such a great time. I have added over 500 Photos from my trip here http://www.leilanine...ctober-2012.htm Mt. Victoria, Philippines. http://leilaninepent...ctober-2012.htm Nepenthes philippinensis We crossed back and forth this river 14 times on our assent Nepenthes philippinensis Nepenthes attenboroughii with wild caught tree shrew Nearing the Summi
  14. Hello! I had the chance to visit the region of Kuching, Sarawak on Borneo. Magic! My idea was to see some lowland Nepenthes, and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed at all! I went in the Bako National Parc, where proboscis monkeys and other animals were waiting for me. But my actual targets were, of course, the few Nepenthes species that are growing there. They are quite common ones, but I really think they were fantastic. I re-discovered Nepenthes rafflesiana. The variability between the individuals is stunning. See by yourself: The same, closer. Fabulous peristome! O
  15. Dear all, For those who are interested, I've uploaded images from the November-December expedition to Palawan and Borneo. Highlights include a return visit to Thumb Peak, in the Iwahig Prison & Penal Colony, as well as Mount Victoria and an excursion to see Nepenthes bicalcarata in a lowland peat swamp. Once again, some new orchid taxa were identified, one a saprophyte and the other a remarkable epiphyte. Featured plants include (among others): Nepenthes deaniana Nepenthes philippinensis Nepenthes attenboroughii Nepenthes reinwardtiana Nepenthes fusca Nepenthes macrovulgaris Nepen
  16. Dear all, For those who are interested, I've uploaded a small selection of my own photographs from the recent Redfern expedition to Palawan and Borneo to Facebook; you shouldn't need to be a FB friend or member to view the images. You can view the album here. Whilst fairly difficult owing to the number of peaks attempted in the time available, the expedition was a great success and members were able to view all the species they had hoped to see, along with a few bonuses that included Nepenthes we had not planned on encountering, some new orchid taxa and two species of Rafflesia. With respe
  17. Hello, I received a few days ago an order of Nepenthes repotted and installed directly in the greenhouse at their reception. Here is a picture of a nep the date of receipt: And here is a picture several days after potting: I ask myself: why the urn she died so quickly? 2 Assumptions: - The urn dies after she was subjected to stress mailings, repotting, new climate - The radiator just below the dry urns, or plays a devastating role for NEP was located near Do you have an idea of the problem?
  18. Hi there! Here you have a ton of pictures of my plants. This year they are doing well in general, in spite of the late waking up because of the cold spring. Well, I don´t have any garden, nor a greenhouse, so my plants depends on the wishes of the weather, so I can´t have plants as beautifull as most of you, but this year we had a nice summer and plants have coloured up properly! The plants displayed in this pictures are outside all year round. Sorry, there are no particular order in the pictures. All species are mixed together, the picturs don´t follow any special order. Feel free of as
  19. Hi All, Compilation of good pictures of August..Just for the eyes =) Drosera microscapa Drosera ericksoniae x pulchella Drosera falconeri x ordensis Drosera kenneally Drosera graomogolensis Drosera admirabilis Népenthes villosa Népenthes flava x sibuyanensis Népenthes hamata Népenthes tentaculata Népenthes fusca Népenthes kampotiana Népenthes veitchii bareo Népenthes maxima lake poso Népenthes glabrata upper Népenthes ventricosa Népenthes bokorensis upper Népenthes bokorensis lower Népenthes x Tiveyi spathulata x (stenophylla
  20. Hi there i have a new nepenthes but im not 100% what it is . I usually buy small and grow on but this it one of those massive ones from the garden centres that are in a tiny hanging baskets with no drainage on. First thing i did was drill drainage holes in the bottom, then pruned the dead cups and leaves off (i got it for £5 for this reason ) I am thinking of repotting this or should i wait until the end of winter also if i do re pot am i best using bark and spagnum or something else? thanks in advance Robert