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  1. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  2. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  3. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  4. Paul Schoeneberg

    bongso 3

    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  5. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  6. Hi everybody, I'm going to receive a specimen of N. campanulata. I know it's a delicate and rare specie and it's in this way that I would ask you something. What kind of substrate do you use for it ? Thanks.
  7. Colud you identify my Nepenthes, please? I was given it as a present. The preson, who gave it doesn't know what species it is.
  8. Hopefully if you click on this link my Nepenthes terrarium will appear. If not my apologies as I'm trying to fathom it out :-)
  9. Hi. Is it advisable to put a nepenthes sanguinea in an unheated greenhouse, all year around (possibly bringing it indoors during the worst of the winter)? It appears that many people have success growing them indoors on a windowsill. This is not necessarily an option for me - CPs not being popular with my other half! The greenhouse gets up to 40C and above on the hottest summer days. The second tier of my two-tier benches is possibly shadier and cooler. What do you think? Can it survive in these conditions?
  10. Hello, Some pictures of my collection. N. maxima 'weavy leaf' N. maxima 'weavy leaf' N. robcantleyi N. spathulata x spectabilis N. x tiveyii N. chaniana x veitchii N. ventricosa x truncata N. dubia N. jamban N. dubia N. aristolochioides x ventricosa N. villosa N. burbidgeae X edwardsiana N. Spectabilis x mira N. flava x sibuyanensis N. flava x sibuyanensis N. inermis N. inermis N. (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x carunculata robusta N. tentaculata N. tentaculata N. maxima 'weavy leaf'
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question for you. I can see on some Internet websites N. ventricosa x aristolochoides classed as a lowland hybrid. I must confess my scepticism, because everybody knows N. aristolochoides is a real highland specie. The hybridation with N. ventricosa should get a highland hybrid, no ? What's your opinion ? Do you grow it ? If yes, what are your growing conditions ?
  12. Hi, I have a young Nepenthes madagascariensis in culture since a moment and I noticed something curious. In fact, there is a "strangeness" at the level of the pitcher cap. Let see the picture. As you can see, the cap is not completely open. And this is the case with all the other pitchers. I think it can't be induced by the hygrometry (as it could be the case with a Cephalotus for example) because it's very high all the day and all the night. But, in this way, why this pitchers are not perfectly open ? Maybe the plant is young and this is normal ?
  13. <p>Hi guys, i am a bit of a novice when it comes to setting up terrariums but here is my plan. I recently knocked up a frame and plopped some glass in one part, the rest i will be boxing with 6mm plywood. I plan on sealing it all with oil based paint and silicone for all the edges. on the top pannel i will secure it with hinges and mount lighting on it (most likely a t5). Here is a pic of the frame so far. what do you guys think? i plan to grow my highland nepenthes in it when its done. Its approxmatly 105cm long and 65 cm tall, the glass pannel is small as i only wanted it for occa
  14. Hi everyone, What is your favorite "receipe" to avoid mold and algae to grow faster than your Nepenthes seedlings? I've read about H2O2, including charcoal in the medium, spraying with fungicide, nothing at all, etc. What worked best for you? If you use a fungicide or another kind of substance, would you share the name with us here? Cheers Vincent
  15. I recently purchased some N. Spathulata Java seeds and was wondering if there is any special treatment they require to germinate, stratification, temperature, growing medium etc. This will be my first time with Nepenthes, so any advice is welcome. Regards, Ian.
  16. Hi all, I recently but in a little order @ for some nepenthes for my xmas present, however suffice to say I didn't quite get what I ordered. instead of a variety of hybrids with spathulata I have instead ended up with the following: N. reinwardtiana N. sibuyanensis N. rafflesiana N. maxima "wavy leaf" N. vogelii N. ventricosa x dubia now, I know reinwardtiana and raff. are easy as pie and grow just fine around the house, however what of the others? I'm hoping the hybrid in there inherits ventricosa's easy to grow genes but outside of that I really have no idea what to expect
  17. As the title suggests, What is your favorite species or hybrid of nepenthes and why? I personally have a soft spot for ampullaria myself, the pitchers are lovely and round with a big peristome too, almost cute, in as much as a pitcher can be cute that is, but for it's sheer showy-ness I have to say I think I like Robcantleyi the best
  18. Hello Do you find the growing medium makes much difference for Nepenthes cuttings? Would there be much difference in strike rate if I used pure sphagnum moss or alternatively sphagnum moss mixed with Perlite with perhaps 50 percent of each or if I used sphagnum based peat mixed with Perlite with 50 percent of each? Also, does it matter much what the weather is like when I take the cuttings? I am concerned that the plants may be more stressed during hot dry weather and it may be best to wait until it is cooler and overcast with more humidity. Would it increase the chances of them striking if
  19. Hello :) New here. Hope this forum isn't as dead as a few others I'm somewhat in a doubt. This Nepenthes was sold under "Rebecca Soper". But when looking at the images on the net, R. Soper has rather dark pitchers, unlike the one this plant has produced? The pitcher in the pic is almost 1 month old. I thought it'll change over time to a darker color. Can I get a confirmation on R. Soper? Or else what species could this be? BTW- I could also use some help on identifying this plant below. I bought it in a carnivorous mix without a specific name. At least it would be nice to know if