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Found 3 results

  1. Took some pics to try to get the color right - still not there but closer than others I've taken. It is very difficult for me to capture the subtle light blue ..... U. nephrophylla x U. reniformis - 1st of my seedlings to flower (& nowhere near the largest) The mother .... The father ... For comparison, here's a previously-posted pic of U. nephrophylla x U. nelumbifolia
  2. Some of you might remember last year when I was worrying that my U. nelumbifolia only grew runners not leaves and it looked like this... after months of waiting it looks like I shouldn't have worried because there are still no leaves but now it looks like this... and this and this... the lower flower on the group of 4 first opened at the beginning of March and they're all still going strong. Thanks for looking.
  3. Can anybody advise how I can encourage my U nelumbifolia to grow more leaves? I have this little colony of them as you can see and if there was a medal for growing aerial runners they'd win gold every time but they just don't seem to want to grow leaves much. Whilst they don't look in danger of dying I don't feel they are thriving either. The main plant is in supersphag:perlite, they only get rain water, have a nightly temp drop, foliar spray occasionally with dilute orchid grow fertiliser. They're in the greenhouse so light has been bright all summer and temps have ranged from 10 to 30 or so. I dropped a few of the main plant's runners into water and they grew and eventually produced 1 leaf each, I dropped another in sphagnum and it too grew 1 leaf, since then nothing. Has anybody any idea what I could be doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated... cheers Gaz another shot... and another...