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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! Could you please help me? I am a bit worried, this is what I found recently next to my baby pitcher plant: It is a very weird looking stuff... is it mold? Has anyone ever had this kind before? It has just appeared now, before I had no problems with the little ones. Thank you in advance for your advice!
  2. I live in Northern Canada so we pretty much have around 6 months of winter, a non-existent spring, incredibly hot and dry summer and a prolonged fall. Due to those factors, I’ve got my Venus flytraps in two big terrariums and they’re in the kitchen by the windows for appropriate lighting. (Though I take them outside in the summer and bring them in at night) Lately my traps have been growing mold though, the traps themselves turn black and grow white fuzzy mold. If the traps don’t catch anything and die off they turn black and grow mold; the traps catch any house flies or house spiders, they turn black and become moldy after a day or two. I’ve tried leaving the lids off the terrariums to let some moisture out, I’ve tried sticking the specific traps in more direct sunlight, I’ve tried open lids and sunlight together and that has no effect on it whatsoever. It seems to start spreading to the moss in the terrariums and I’m concerned it might be harmful to the other flytraps in the terrariums (3 small plants per terrarium). When it spreads to the moss I just pick it out of the terrarium and put fresh moss in when I need to. I also repotted my plants six days ago. My questions are… 1) Is the mold harmful to the plants? 2) Is there another way to get rid of the mold rather than trim the plant? 3) Do I cut off the molding traps? 4) If so, should I just cut the trap itself off and leave the leaves they grew on? 5) If I trim the traps off will it cause the plants any damage having been repotted so recently? I can’t get any carnivorous plants where I live, I have to go all the way to British Columbia to get Venus flytraps, or go all the way to Saskatchewan to get honeydew plants; my dad actually brought the ones I have for me from BC. So, I’m really cautious about doing anything to my plants unless I’m certain it won’t have any negative effects on the plants. I've even named them all lol I'm quite attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi everyone, What is your favorite "receipe" to avoid mold and algae to grow faster than your Nepenthes seedlings? I've read about H2O2, including charcoal in the medium, spraying with fungicide, nothing at all, etc. What worked best for you? If you use a fungicide or another kind of substance, would you share the name with us here? Cheers Vincent
  4. Hi everyone, I received some plants that have mold on them . I have the feeling it is spreading slowly (thanks God!!) How should I take care of it (= exterminate ) I know that I should ensure there is enough ventilation, but I'd like to know about a treatment that would not be bad for my Nepenthes, Lecanopteris and Heliamphora that are in the terrarium. Hope you can help!