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Found 15 results

  1. Niki

    Hi All!

    Hi All, just joined looking forward to learn more about carnivorous plant growing! I’ve managed to keep some basics alive, and my Sundew is flowering, but still so much more to explore!
  2. Hi! Greetings to all! I have been growing carnivorous plants for almost a year now. I grow mainly Mexican pinguiculas and tropical sundews indoors in an open rack with LED lights, although I also have a Nepenthes, VFT, and Utricularia. Now I'm trying to rise plants from seed (with varying results, I must confess). Hope to learn a lot from you all!
  3. Hello everyone, I've joined and been reading the forum for quite some time now but never actually got myself to set up the account properly and start writing posts so far so here I am... I've been growing since the childhood days really but got seriously obsessed about 3 years ago now. I grow mainly nepenthes, cephalotus, orchids, some cactuses (that's indoors) and saracenia, cobras, some droseras and pings outside. Also a big lover of passiflora in all different forms and I make some baby steps in creating bonsai. I am planning to join the Carnivorous & orchid societies in January if you have any tips, wants to share collections/plants/cuttings etc or simply have a chat hit me up. I will try to add some pics of my collection here when I download some pics from my phone. You can see a bit of it on instagram @learethiel
  4. The Rolds


    Hello to all members of the forum, I'm from Spain and I have recently started again to grow carnivorous plants, I say again because years ago I had quite a collection of mostly Drosera and Sarracenia. Anyways I had to give them up so I'm starting again, and I figured getting some easy ones was the way to go. So, I currently grow a Dionaea, Drosera capensis 'alba', an unknown Sarracenia hybrid and a Nepenthes 'Lady luck'. I'm at the phone and haven't figured how to upload photos yet but I'll be sure to post some when I can. Edit: Sarracenia ('x readii'? Maybe?) Nepenthes 'lady luck' (or 'bloody mary') Drosera capensis Dionaea muscipula
  5. Hey there, I'm Thamishan Vallipuram, 20, from The Netherlands. I'm a moderator of the Dutch carnivorous plant work-group "Carnivora". At the moment my collection contains 57 species/hybrids/cultivars (soon to be 64 with the addition of 7 more Nepenthes), mostly Sarracenia and Nepenthes (also some Drosera, Darlingtonia and Dionaea). The complete list can be found Here. I'm joining the more known UK sisters in order to find more interesting Nepenthes species in the future. The dutch market is very limited atm. Cheers, Thamishan
  6. Hi guys I have been meaning to look in to Dionaea for a while now :-) the other CP I find interesting but i would like to focus on Dionaea and two things, one learning how to care for the various Dionaea and learn a bit more about the cloning technique and the splitting technique at root level, followed by having a grasp of the different varieties as to look around the north-west of England to see if any unusual VFT are floating about beneath the weeds :-) I am currently due a few in to start me off this week: Goldie (need to confirm name), Akai Ryu and a Fused Tooth Giant :-) of which the Goldie i intend to try leaf clonage :-p and with the Akai Ryu i intend to try root splitage :-) while in the backgroundI do know a little about plants but compared to you guys on here i will likely be a rookie with a few basic plants and plant ideas, however i did want to say hello and wanted to say that anything i do notice that i find unusual over time i will be sharing with you guys on this forum, as well as any nice varieties i come across as well, i will be offering forward some cuttings/seeds, may be both :-p If you do think i may be of any assistance somehow please don't hesitate to get in touch, in the mean time I will be having a ganders around the forums and leaving positive feedback where appropriate :-) hope i can be a valued member in time :-) Paul BattonFive www.batzorprogramming.com
  7. Hello guys, my name is Péricles, I bought my first CP two months ago, I always wanted to see/have a Dionaea Muscipulla, like you know, when someone hear the about Carnivore plant, the first image that comes at our mind is one of them, and with me wasn't diffent, but when I started searching and reading how to take care of them, I started searching other species and their needs... Now I'm hear to know other hobbyists, and experienced hobbyists to help me, teach me and much more haha. And I'm sorry if I made any mistake in grammar ;D Nice to meet you all, hugs!!!
  8. Hello, My name is Tim, I was a inactive member for a long time. Now I think it's time for introduce. I'm fifeteen years old and grow Carnivorous Plants a bit more as five years. Especially I'm interested for Sarracenia, Dionaea and Drosera. I hope I can here my English a bit better, because I think my school english is very poor Regards, Tim
  9. Hello everybody, I'm Rodrigo (though I rather you call me Atu, it's my nickname), from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I first got interested with CP in 2006, and I used to participate in another forum in spanish. Well, I was 16 at the time and things move fast at that age (except plants, which even then take their time) so I forgot about my collection until they died, although they lived for years. I got re-interested this year. CPs here aren't easy to find, so I just bought a sarracenia hybrid at the only shop I know that sells them and ordered a bunch of seeds online. Soon I'm gonna start a topic in the terraria section asking for advice to germinate and grow the seeds. A picture of my sarracenia, to make this post a little less dull.
  10. I have been growing carnivorous plants for a couple of years now. Started with local garden centre types but now mainly on-line, especially from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants. Wish I could have gone to their open day - maybe next year. Was at James O'Neill's open day on 10th August and enjoyed the trip to Peatlands Park which is nearby and seeing James's plants. Also met Richard Bunn who I think spent most of the day travelling. Great to talk to other growers. What can I say - tried my best to keep up with the conversation. Richard
  11. Hey i'm new here so thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Tom and i'm from south Cambridgeshire in England. I have over the last 4 months got into growing Nepenthe's and fear i am hooked now. i also have some seed grown Venus fly traps and a few pretty orchids as well and also a few Sarracenia varieties. i guess I'm just rambling now but anyway i look forward to chatting to you guys and gaining some useful advice and making new buddies
  12. Hi, I'm sam, I'm originally from Leeds but I currently live in derbyshire with the rest of my immediate family. Loved CPs since I was little, I've always found them fasinating, sadly I lacked the know-how to keep my plants (vft's and the odd cape sundew) alive when I was younger (a combination of tap water and no winter dormancy for the VFT's) I've since picked up the basics of CP's and have had a drosera aliciae living quite happily in my room for a while which I've just re-potted. I came here seeking advice over my newest addition to my bedroom/greenhouse, a nepenthes of indeterminate species (labelled as alata but im not sure) and really just to learn all I can about these fantastic plants
  13. Hello, my name is Tijmen / blaasjeskruid18 and I like carnivorous plants a lot (duh) before I register myzelf here I was active in the dutch forum, called carnivora.nl My english is awefull but I'm 14 and I now thanks to carnivora a lot about carnivorous plants. I hope to be treated equally.
  14. Hi everybody, I am growing CP for a year now, have Sarracenias, VFTs, Sundews, one butterwort and yesterday I have picked up Nepenthes from local garden centre. I grow them on windowsill in my flat, except for wintertime, water them with deionised water, once a month feed them with crickets ( I do not have too many bugs in my flat) and they seem to like it. I will have few questions about them but first I just wanted to say hello.
  15. My name is Kavin, but my nick name is Kevin I come from Thailand and I love pinguicula very much, I have seen many beautiful pinguicula in this forum I wish mine can be beautiful as that too.
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