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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys, As i said in my bog garden thread i am not 'spoilt' for room in my garden, or indoors for that matter But these are my INDOOR carnivorous-plants, to me they all seem to be doing ok. I am assuming by luck of how good they grow, east facing is ideal (this is lucky as no other windowsill available!) Let me know what you think of my little indoor collection. Monkey Cups (New in from Poland) - Only had for couple of weeks (I have now added a plastic bag over one for increased humidity?) Venus FlyTrap - New from Poland Baby VFT, Butterwort and a Saraccenia i rescued from an inexperienced shop (It was left bone dry!!) The other Saraccenia i rescued from the shop (it too was left bone dry). and finally a corkscrew sundew (only one not doing too well??
  2. Hey all! I was thinking today about how amazing the flowers of Dicentra were. I used to grow them, but our family has moved and I've not picked it back up since. However, I was thinking about the short blooming time of these plants and thought about how nice it would be to have blooms year round. My thoughts: there are dwarf varieties that only grow to be about 9-12" wide, so I could grow these in tall 15" pots. Let them grow and bloom, and then move them to much lower light, watering schedule, and temp (40-50 F) for a month or so to trigger the dormancy. Then bare root and fridge them for 2-3 months. Then bring out the ones that have been sitting in the fridge while the other plants have been in bloom and plant them in fertilized soil with excellent drainage. Wash-Rinse-Repeat. :) I'm not sure how much experience people have with caring for perennials like this, but do you all think that this would work? I figure there is no surefire way to know until you try, but I figured I'd run it by some more experienced growers before I gave it a shot. Also, I could give them a longer dormancy by having three or even four groups in the cycle. How long do you think they need to be dormant to be healthy? I have read about forcing bleeding hearts, but I couldn't find anything about out-of-season growing on a long term scale. Also, having different varieties cycling in and out of dormancy would always keep it interesting! :) Let me know what you think! Chance
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