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Found 13 results

  1. I have a windowsill Nepenthes that's been growing away happily for a few years but what I thought was an odd off shoot turned out to be this little hitchhiker. I have no idea what this little spiky guy is but would love to know the best way to keep him happy. Any clues on an ID would be much appreciated. Largest cup is only about 20mm high. After having a look this could well be the juvenile form of the larger plant and indeed an offshoot. I just didn't expect it to be so fuzzy.
  2. Hello, I brought a mixed seed pack of drosera a year ago to start off my new hobby. In the mixed seed list, it listed that it included seed from D burkeana, burmannii and spatulata. I have been assuming these are all spatulata as that seems to be more common? The top left drosera in the photo is especially interesting to me as I think it may be a different species to the rest of them. It doesn’t produce much dew and it grows much faster and bigger than the rest of the plants. perhaps they are hybrids of spatulata. I would be very keen on any insight you could give me on the fascinating plants Thank you for looking in
  3. Hi, I got gifted a large Nepenthes plant but I'm not sure what variety it is. I originally thought there were 2 varieties in the one pot. The one being Miranda and and the other Truncata. After more research, I discovered that Truncata has heart shaped leaves, and mine does not. Looking at more pictures of Miranda, it seems some of them look like the other pitchers. Are there 2 varieties in this pot or is it all one variety? Any help is apparecitated.
  4. Hi folks, Anyone know which specific species of Drosera is this? I thought it was Drosera aliciae, but this plant has "white" flowers with yellow filaments. So the flowers tell me it's not D.aliciae.
  5. My first post as a member, so bear with me Bought the pictured sundews from triffidnurseries.co.uk labelled as D. spatulata, however the left-hand plant has a slightly different leaf shape/colouring than the rest of the plants. Also, the flower scape is significantly taller than the rest of the other plants. Just a natural variation within the species, or is it possible another plant seeded itself alongside the spatulata?
  6. Hi everyone, I currently have in my collection a young plant grown from wild Nepenthes lowii seeds harvested on the Kinabalu. It grows pretty well with my other highlanders, maybe too quickly for a N. lowii, but... Do you think it looks like a pure N. lowii ? I find it very hairy, looks quite similar to something like N. lowii x veitchii or else. What's your opinion ?
  7. Hi everybody, One of my friends has an Utricularia which is appeared spontaneously in his sphagnum and he doesn't know what specie this plant can be... I thought to something like U. nephrophylla, U. reniformis or a young U. nelumbifolia but nothing sure. Have ou an idea ?
  8. Hi there, this week I made a visit to the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam and brought back my first ping from the small gift shop. It was sitting in a tray of water with several VFTs but no other pings and it had no ID tag or sign. I'm hoping somebody can help me ID it? Any hints or guesses appreciated :). I'm guessing its a Mexican hybrid? I presume it would be much better to get a picture of the flower for ID, but that would have to wait until it blooms, I do have a couple of quick pics of how it looks now:
  9. Hello hello hello, I've obtained there is several months a young pretended Nepenthes truncata which is just starting to grow after its acclimatization. However a grower thinks it's possible that it's not... So I want to be sure and I ask you : what do you think ?
  10. Colud you identify my Nepenthes, please? I was given it as a present. The preson, who gave it doesn't know what species it is.
  11. Hello :) New here. Hope this forum isn't as dead as a few others I'm somewhat in a doubt. This Nepenthes was sold under "Rebecca Soper". But when looking at the images on the net, R. Soper has rather dark pitchers, unlike the one this plant has produced? The pitcher in the pic is almost 1 month old. I thought it'll change over time to a darker color. Can I get a confirmation on R. Soper? Or else what species could this be? BTW- I could also use some help on identifying this plant below. I bought it in a carnivorous mix without a specific name. At least it would be nice to know if it's a high or lowland so I now how to treat the plant. Thank you very much
  12. Hello Forum, I have had this Pinguicula for a year now. Specimen has bloomed once and now should soon be undergoing its transformation from dormant, succulent leaf structure to that of the carnivorous structure. I have always regarded it as the vernacular "Mexican Butterwort." However, I want to be certain of its name, both vernacular and latin. As of now I believe that it is a Pinguicula weser and that it is a "Mexican butterwort." Please verify this assumption of mine. Thank you in advance, your input is greatly appreciated!
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