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Found 7 results

  1. I've had a Nepenthes for ages now bought as N.Alata but I see such variation when I see images of others sold as the same and images of Ventrata looking extremely similar to mine too... Heres some pics of mine, what do people think it is? True Alata or hybrid?...
  2. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum I do have a collection of a nice few CP's and a few Pings. Just received two Pings from a seller that claims they are Gypsicola and Ehlersiae could anyone please ID them thank you.
  3. Hello, A friend of mine visited Palma de Mallorca and he came by an unusual tree. Can any of you ID this plant? I'd greatly appreciate it :)
  4. Hello guys :) My friend has a sarrencia and he wants to know what specie is it... Can anyone, please, say what is this specie? (i think is a hybride one) Some photos... Thank you :)
  5. Hi there, this week I made a visit to the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam and brought back my first ping from the small gift shop. It was sitting in a tray of water with several VFTs but no other pings and it had no ID tag or sign. I'm hoping somebody can help me ID it? Any hints or guesses appreciated :). I'm guessing its a Mexican hybrid? I presume it would be much better to get a picture of the flower for ID, but that would have to wait until it blooms, I do have a couple of quick pics of how it looks now:
  6. Hi all, I have three different clones of Sarracenia alata together with three bits of location/description data, but I am unsure which belongs to which as over the years they have been mixed up! I'm hoping some of you here will be able to help out with a positive ID? The clone descriptions are: Sarracenia alata - Jackson MI Sarracenia alata - red throat 2 Sarracenia alata - heavily veined in throat, W. Louisiana Here are example photos of the three clones (see below for my personal findings)... S.12 Plant: S.12 Pitcher: S.12 Flower: S.15 Pitcher: S.15 Pitcher: S.16 Pitcher: S.16 Flower: My notes/findings: S.12 has a very pointed hood to the pitcher, which cannot really be seen clearly in the photos (I can try and get a better one if it helps?). It develops no noticeable redness to the underside of the hood/pitcher opening and has limited venation. S.15 has a definite waviness to the hood edge. Strong red colouration under the lid and many veins. S.16 has a definite bulge to the top of the pitcher just before the opening. Strong red colouration under the lid and many veins. This clone grows very tall and although not noticeable in the example photo above, the pitcher lid is almost at a right angle to the back of the pitcher, i.e. creating a flat topped C-shape profile when viewed from the side (I can get a better photo if needed).
  7. Gaz

    ID please

    Hi Guys, This nice little Drosera came up amongst a packet of D menziessii seed. It's about a year old now so I guess it's mature, it's about 2.5cm across. I think it looks like a D spatulata, do you agree or perhaps have another suggestion. Appreciate your help. Regards Gaz ...and the flower PS sorry if the images don't appear, it's the first time I tried to upload
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