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Found 5 results

  1. As the succulent season comes to an end I thought I'd post a round up of this summers Huernias which flowered for me. While the Huernias were great most of my Stapelia buds aborted with one last one which seems might actually open soon. Thanks for looking. Huernia keniensis Huernia macrocarpa Huernia pillansii Huernia quinta Huenia zebrina ...and last but not least Huernia zebrina magniflora
  2. It's that time of year again so I put a few plants in the village show. It was a good result with a 1st for my Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor in the Pot Plant Foliage class, Highly Commended for my Huernia Zebrina (from GardenofEden on CPUK last December) in the Cacti & Succulent class, 1st for my marrow and 3rd for a cucumber. Here are some pictures, sorry about the quality of some, I couldn't hold the camera still 1st prize Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor Highly Commended Huernia zebrina 1st prize marrow ...just for scale. thank you for looking.
  3. Hello everyone, I had this Huernia Zebrina division off Stephen, gardenofeden, about a month ago and after I potted it up, it soon started to put out a new growth point. But imagine how surprised I was last night when I was tucking my plants up for the night and saw this flower bud starting to appear. This is the new growth with the bud at the bottom, A view from the side, And a close up of the bud, Looking at the closeup image, it looks like there will be more than one flower growing. I was only thinking the other day about buying some cactus compost, but now I'm not sure if I
  4. Here it is, my first Huernia zebrina magniflora flower...result, one very happy grower Now there are 2 more buds developing on this fantastic plant.
  5. I got some nice huernia zebrinas and a hoya carnosa plant (many thanks to Stephen) all potted up in clay pots in a good free draining compost. They currently live on my south-ish facing windowsill in a central heated room but also heated by a log fire each evening at this time of year. Temps ranging from around 15-30C. I've recently noticed that the larger huernia is already show signs of new growth. My questions is what sort of watering regime should I operate for these plants? So far I haven't watered at all as I was worried about causing them to rot but I recently read somewhere that if k