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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone. Yesterday my two Nepenthes Argentii plants (size s) arrived, with its leaves and growth points blackened. It came moist, as it was shipped in a ziplock bag, and I saw some white dots of mold on the leaves. Only the roots looked sort of healthy. I soaked their roots in water for about an hour, cleaned the mold, and covered it in a ziplock bag before potting it. I've seen cases where an almost-dead plant comes back to its roots. The stem itself has traces of leaves, and I'm sure that there could still be some dormant growth points. Is there any possibilty of this poor plant coming back to life via basal or something? I'm keeping it out of light, in high humidity (80%-90%) and in a lfs/perlite/lava rock mix.
  2. Recently one of my nepenthes leaves went yellow with a black center and killed of the leaf. This was unusual as the plant has been doing well and the leaf was somewhat new. I shrugged it off but noticed it's happening again to other leafs. I'm not sure what's happening or if it's fatal. Should I be worried? It's growing on my West windowsill 85F at day and 65F to 70F at night with humidity at 25% in the day and 60% to 70% at night. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello I am struggling with this northiana. It grows in typical Malaysian weather and get watered twice a day for a short while. It also gets 50% shade.Thank you
  4. I need some help caring for my nepenthes ventrata, but before I start should probably tell you about the hell I’ve put it through.(my first plant bought at a festival) I’ve cut off yellowed leaves, given it fertilizer, and left it in direct sunlight longer than it needs. Pretty sure its a ventrata because any other nepenthes probably would have died by now. Its been a year now and i’ve gotten really into gardening and would like to start over(working on bromeliad,coleus,and lungwort). It has orchid bark and spagnum moss, gets well watered with distilled/collected rain water once a day. Also have been adjusting vines onto wire to give it more support. Just recently started keeping it outside because of the warmer weather hoping it would start to pitcher again. If anyone has any thoughts, recommendations, tips, or if anyone needs to tell me im doing something wrong please do im open to anything. pictures in link below http://sam001.zenfolio.com/
  5. Hi!! I'm new to the forum but I found it and I think you could help me I recently got a as a gift a Drosera that came in vitro, it was good the first days but I started noticing mould growing close to the roots. This had happened before with an orchid and that time I took it from the medium, sprayed it with fungicide and got it into a pot and is still alive and doing well (this was 2 years ago). So I did the same with this drosera and it had more mould close to the roots than I had seen. I put it in a pot with just peat moss and watered it with distilled water (I had a dionaea muscipula before so I had some idea about how to take care of it) and put it in some kind of terrarium to preserve humidity and let it in my window with direct sunlight. It did well the first days but it got much sun one of the days and some of the leaves burned, I took it inside and haven't been letting it in direct sunlight, it recovered a little but I noticed mould growing on the stalk of one of the leaves so I took it out of the terrarium, put it under a led lamp and let it air dry to kill it. I need help cause some of the leaves are drying out and I don't know what to do anymore, it's the first Drosera I have ever had. In the jar it said it was a Drosera Japonica but I searched for it and I think the analogue name is Drosera Spatulata. Please forgive me if I made any mistake writing this, English is not my native language, also if you want to correct my typing mistakes I appreciate it. I put some pictures so you could see my poor plant, I took them using a magnifying glass, I have some hope cause I see some sprouts coming from the earth, also I've been watering it by reverse osmosis. Thanks http://imgur.com/a/Ibscr Here's the link for the pictures, the forum wouldn't let me post them directly, it looks more alive in person, I swear
  6. Hello all so i got a pinguicula accuminata as a free plant around 2month ago but the plant has never done well for me, the other plant i got was p.crassifolia which died :V. I grow my pinguiculas under a 6 watt led white light around 30cm above the plants. Medium is is equal parts of crushed coral, peat vocanic sand, volcanic rock, vermiculite and perlite. My temperature during the day ranges from 28-32 and night goes to 21-23 degree celcius. The plant is always dewless and doesnt have any of those tentacles ? I do not have a picture of it yet as i am away but i will post it as soon as i get home. Humidity is around 70% most of the time. Can any pinguicula experts enlighten me on why how to keep this plant and does any one keep pinguicula crassifolia?
  7. I need help! I've had my Drosera Capensis for nearly two weeks now and after the first week it started to look like this. It is sitting in a south facing window getting a fair amount of direct sunlight each day. I am using de ionised water which it sits in most of the time as i let the dish dry up before watering it again. I am hoping that I can revive it back to its strong pointy leaves like it had the day I bought it. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I’m looking for a good led illumination for my terrarium, the measures are 100x45x35 cm (140 liters). I would be interested to know which brands, which colors and wattage; will be placed various species of plants, nepenthes, cephalotus, drosera but also sarracenia seedlings. The terrarium will be only used as winter shelter or for debilitated plants, but if I see that the light is good, I could keep tropical plants all year. I saw a solution like this: http://www.hydroponics.eu/sonlight-apollo-led-4-130w~10022.html but I would prefer lower cost and a lower wattage, 130 Watt for that little terrarium seem too many imho Thank you -Dan
  9. About a month ago on a very windy night my outdoor greenhouse collapsed fortunately two of my neps are fine but my veitchii x burbidgeae has got some damage but im worried about it surviving.ive asked many collectors on instagram who have had years of experience with them and they say that it should snap back but i just need more info its been around half a month or so and still nothing:( i just need to know if it will survive and how long till it wakes up if so and maybe if so some tips:) ill post some pics⬇️⬇️⬇️ - Sabian Mehmetaj
  10. Hi all, Sooner or later it had to happen, here in Italy we are suffering for more than a month, a wave of heat and moisture. Sunday evening I noticed that these 3 cephalotus were slightly wilted, I thought it was cause to leave them without water for a few days, yesterday the situation was worsened and I immediately understood that it was not simple dehydration. The ground was very wet and hot, and the plants are constantly overshadowed in the greenhouse under a table, with a good air recirculation ... What can i do? Preying i suppose
  11. Hi, I recently bought a Nepenthes and a Heliamphora for the first time and think something may be up with them so any help or opinion would be awesome! Both plants were damaged from the postal service so have got some damage from that. Cheers! http://i.imgur.com/8BEm4FD.jpg Sorry for it being the wrong way round!) In this picture you can see that theres two brown dots on one of the main trumpet, anyone know why this is? Also the spoons don't seem to have any nectar in them? http://imgur.com/8BEm4FD,KPjWlcT,jEDphBs#2 The Nepenthes has developed a pinky colour on its leaves since I received it they have definitely developed, and have become more visible over time. I know the traps are a mess but most of them were squashed when delivered to me. Thanks for any help!
  12. Hey all, Its been over 2 years since my last post and I thought I would ask you again for a little help and advice.. As an update to my original post http://www.cpukforum...wtopic=41961= ALL THE PLANTS ARE THRIVING LIKE MAD. So again i thank you all for your help in getting me up and running and into the CP world. There is one question i have about my current plants though..... The nepenthes have had seed/flower pods on now for nearly 9months... with no sign of opening or flowering or anything... How long do they usually take??? what can I do to either speed them up or call it a day? Basically before i chop them off i wanted to ask ; A) what are they? seeds or flowers B) is it detrimental to the plant that i leave them/cut them off? Here are some images to show what i mean. Yes this is indeed the same baby plant that was in my original post but all grown up :) Thanks again for any and all help. Karl
  13. Here is a picture of my young Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana, the lid has discoloured somewhat after re-potting (was reluctant to do it but it was necessary) and looks a bit dried up, otherwise the plant looks fine but this happened in the space of 2 days. It is currently its only mature pitcher but has atleast 2 more on the way. I'd just like either reassurance that my plant wont die or advice of anything i can do to help it of it needs it. http://i1367.photobucket.com/albums/r791/Tom_Currell/IMG_00461_zps0fedafc0.jpg
  14. Here is a picture of my young Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana, the lid has discoloured somewhat after re-potting (was reluctant to do it but it was necessary) and looks a bit dried up, otherwise the plant looks fine but this happened in the space of 2 days. It is currently its only mature pitcher but has atleast 2 more on the way. I'd just like either reassurance that my plant wont die or advice of anything i can do to help it of it needs it. http://i1367.photobucket.com/albums/r791/Tom_Currell/IMG_00461_zps0fedafc0.jpg
  15. I am always jealous and surprised when seeing Greehouses in europe needn't be equipped with expensive,energy intensive airconditioner to cool down(see Cedric's GH http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44470).As I haven't been to europe I didn't know if enough sunlight and optimal air humidity ,which are basical requirment of VFTs,could natrually coexist without too many artificial intervetion.As for me,I lived in middle-south asia where the temperature in summer will reach up to about 40 centigrade degrees thus I couldn't maintain a suitable environment for my canivores. As is konwn all,high air humidity and strong sunlight are entwined with "Green House Effect",exacerbrating the overheat condition in my own greenhouse.I have ever recorded a extreme 45 degrees though I opened all the windows and shadowed sunlight. since now it is winter,my VFTs are temporarily safe but I'm sure they will suffer if I can't find out a solution before summer comes.So I am hungeryly longing for a idea and resort to you experenced ones.Could any one give me some suggestions?I think my VFTs couldn't be gratiful more!Thanks! (For I am not a commercial grower but just a college student,it is impractical for me to purchase professional cooling devices)
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