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Found 16 results

  1. I recently bought a new house. It has this nice large flat garden area which is perfect for a large greenhouse. So I bought a Robinsons Regal greenhouse (12'7" x 20'10"). here are the photos of the construction, starting with the base ...
  2. Hi all, I installed the last sections of staging (all home made) in the greenhouse over the weekend and all is looking much tidier now! Very pleased with the look...
  3. Well, this is going to be my greenhouse (or more specifically, Nephouse) build thread. Starting from the very beginning When Ian Salter got me into Carnivorous plants 12 months ago, i was living in a first floor flat with no access to a garden, only my windowsills. A few weeks ago, i officially moved from South Wales to Wigan to be with my partner of 3 years full time. Roughly 20 years ago, she had a 24 foot x 10 foot static caravan installed in the garden to live in while the house was being demolished and rebuilt. This caravan was never removed after the house was finished, and remained a large dumping ground for general tat and rubbish. The garden had also got very overgrown from years of neglect. This is the scene soon after i started work. The caravan was mostly obscured by brambles, so clearing and laying old carpet as a weed suppressant was the first job in order to easily gain access all around the caravan. Still quite a bit to do, as the capacitor on our garden shredder burnt out and i'm currently waiting on delivery of a new one. Many trips to the local recycling centre have already been made with loads of rubbish and junk from inside the caravan, and what little remains to be cleared is piled outside. The four trees to the left of the picture are apple and pear trees, which are in need of some serious pruning and tidying up. But we've successfully made some rather good cider with them during my visits up to Wigan over the past few years. (hic! ) Originally, the plan was to convert this huge 24x10 into a greenhouse by removing the upper half of the side cladding all round and replacing with twinwall polycarbonate. The same was going to be done to the flat felted roof, but with a slight apex conversion for water collection via added guttering. However, after removing all interior walls, insulation, and room partitions, it was discovered that the caravan was rotten in places. (Note the dismantled garden shredder awaiting the delivery of new capacitor !) So far we've got 15 large rubble sacks full of good timber for our woodburning stove from the interior and i estimate at least another 15 sacks to come. The aluminium cladding once removed, will be re-used to clad our old 12x8 garden shed, which will hopefully cure all the leaks between the parting dried out shiplap so we get a few more years use out of it. The polystyrene insulation boards from the static caravan will also be used to insulate the inside of the garden shed. All the good 4x2 beams from under the floorboards will be re-used to build benches/staging in the new greenhouse. I've also reclaimed metres upon metres of flat twin and earth cable which is in perfect condition considering it's age, and this will come for all the heating/cooling/lighting/pumping/watering wiring systems. We aim to recycle as much as possible from the caravan dismantling. The caravan already has connected water and electricity supplies, which will save a lot of work and they'll only require extending into the new greenhouse position. Even though we intend using rainwater from butts for the plant watering, fresh water for general washing and cleaning of equipment will be an added bonus (we'll be re-using the original sink/drainer top from the caravan). So that's the state of play so far. Still loads to do before the caravan is totally removed, including cutting up of the steel chassis, and then ground clearing and levelling so i can then get the greenhouse ordered. We've decided upon a Rion 12x8 Hobby. I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to see things taking shape over the coming months. Stay tuned !
  4. hi everyone! there is some photos taken at my small CP collection. i hope you like it! Dionaea ARGO88 clone Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora minor "auyan tepui" Drosera capensis and Drosera capensis alba Drosera regia Drosera pulchella 44A red flower Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno" more photos will come soon!
  5. Hello everyone :) I am the owner of a 2,5 m x 3 m x 2,5 m (height) greenhouse, covered with PVC panels. I would like to heat it at about 13°C or 15°C during the Winter in order to grow a larger variety of plants, especially highland Nepenthes and Heliamphora, but I fear it would be extremely expensive. I live in Northern Italy and temperatures in Winter can be as low as -5°C... electricity is definitely unaffordable here I think, so I was thinking about using a small pellet stove... do you have idea?
  6. Hello everyone, As I'm planning on buying a greenhouse I'd just like to make sure the location is good and if there are any things I should consider when buying a greenhouse. First of all the location, on the location where I'd put the greenhouse it would in the summer get light as soon as the sun comes up until about 4 pm, after 4 pm the greenhouse would be in dappled shade for 1 to 2 hours before it doesn't get any sunlight at all. I presume this would be enough light for Sarracenia, vft, and a couple of drosera? Secondly the greenhouse itself, what requirements are there? By this I mean if there should be a minimum amount of vents in the greenhouse or anything like that. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks, Rory
  7. It's been a while since I last posted here! The last couple of years has been very busy with university, fieldwork, and travelling around various parts of Europe, with much time spent away from home. While I found time to tend to and tidy the hardy plants in the greenhouse from time to time, as a result my indoor collection, which I was very proud of, has shrunk considerably due to neglect and pests. I am looking to build it up again to some extent, especially with Drosera and Utricularia (I can't believe I lost my prized flowering specimens of U. quelchii and praetermissa - there was some sort of isopod arthropod in the moss which ate at the stolons and the damage was done before I noticed! ) However, the run of nice weather recently has left things looking very nice in the greenhouse! Plenty of growth on the sarras! This is my tallest Sarra *so far* this year - but it may be beaten by an x alava. It's S. flava rugellii MK F143 'Tall clone'. Great robust pitcher, 96 cm tall, with a huge lid and lovely throat! Gorgeous tall flava ornatas This promising-looking rubricorpora seedling has been lurking unnoticed in a corner for goodness know show long until I found it and was delighted with its colour! Orange flowers of Brook's Hybrid: One of my favourites, MK H26 - flava x alata, just opened. This should go deep crimson all over later in the season. I love the small sweet red flowers of rubras en masse - in front is jonesii, left is wherryi yellow flower, back is alabamensis And wherryi 'Chatom Giant': Leucos are starting to pop open too: My first ever Darlingtonia flowers! they're lovely, and remind me of Fritillary lilies. The whole Darly plant - ridiculous numbers of stolons being produced, not that I'm complaining! More to come!!
  8. Can anyone recommend a fan to circulate air in a wooden 6' x 8' greenhouse? I've got a Biogreen Phoenix fan heater in the other greenhouse but I don't want to spend anywhere near that kind of money this time. I'm looking for something which could preferably be mounted on the GH sides, so lightweight and compact would also be an advantage. I looked at this on TwoWests but although they claim it will circulate the air in an 8' x 12' GH 1.5 times an hour they also describe the air flow as a "gentle breeze" so I'm rather dubious about these claims. Has anybody tried one? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi there im wanting to soon grow my cps in a different area with out cacti and stuff.but i dont know what to grow in.what would be better a small plastic greenhouse a glass tererium or a grow tent.i like the grow tent and tererium as my plants will stay indoors in my house.my collection is small around 4 plants at the moment but will be growing as all do.i have a budget of around £40 remember i will need to get some lights not matter what as now in autum/winter we hardly get sun light so im scared if my plants will die.at the moment im growing all plants in a large plastic greenhouse housing 50 plants all together.i might also get a humidifier as humidity is low but in tereriums i dont need one.pls help me:) - Sabian
  10. I'm looking into making more space for me sarracenias so I'm looking at pollytunnles or glasshouses/greenhouses, but not sure what to go with! The size I'm thinking of is about 60ft by 20ft or so, it's a big investment so I want to get all the info I can! I know polytunnels are ok and that's where I keep my sarracenias at the moment but I know glasshouses are cheeper (in the long run!) but not as strong in HIGH winds compared to polytunnels. What do you think? I know a few polytunnle sites but could you give me some sites for cheep ish glasshouses or even second hand Dutch style ones. Thank you anyway Michael!
  11. Hello, Sorry for not doing a separate forum post (too much time): http://www.auscps.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2093&forum=5&post_id=5718#forumpost5718 I'm able to reply here for convenience sakes.
  12. Dear all, I guess many of you have experience over the years of the best method to grow certain species. I have an opportunity to start from scratch and in an ideal world would build an attractive greenhouse/conservatory that has drainage and heating to suit tropical plants especially carnivorous species (+ tropical cacti), as well as a cooler frost free section and more standard coldframe/cold house attached for other species such as saracenias. For those of you that know Winterbourne I am thinking along the lines of a smaller version of their tropical house/their cacti house and CPS display. I can work on the design but my key question is what heating system would you recommend for the main tropical section or frost free section? I am envisaging a brick base glazed structure. Would like to keep heating bills down. If anyone can recommend and greenhouse suppliers, have designs that they have used and like, Id be grateful for that information too. Andy
  13. Hi. Is it advisable to put a nepenthes sanguinea in an unheated greenhouse, all year around (possibly bringing it indoors during the worst of the winter)? It appears that many people have success growing them indoors on a windowsill. This is not necessarily an option for me - CPs not being popular with my other half! The greenhouse gets up to 40C and above on the hottest summer days. The second tier of my two-tier benches is possibly shadier and cooler. What do you think? Can it survive in these conditions?
  14. This year my vfts have been living on a sunny windowsill in my house which was less than ideal, but i have finally gotten hold of a greenhouse. average temperature in the house has been about 18-20C day and 16-18C night. However in the greenhouse, night time temps will be about 10c (50f). Will i need to acclimatize the plants or could i just transfer them straight in?. I have asked in another forum but only received one response so wanted to double check.
  15. I've finally set up my little greenhouse which shall house my limited collection of carnivorous plants. It's unheated, and in a sheltered position but it will be subject to below freezing winter temperatures. Having grown many CPs before, I know that it's fine for Sarracenia, Dionaea, Darlingtonia and some Drosera species - But I'd love to hear some recommendations as it's been a good few years since I last grew any carnivorous plants. I live in Hampshire, UK - just to give an idea; so winter minimums can potentially be as low as -10C for the odd spell, but more likely to be around -5C overnight. There is enough light for Sarracenia, Dionaea, etc. but I've had to maximise the available space in there, resulting in about 20% of the staging being "tucked away" in two shady corners of the greenhouse. Rather than leaving the water trays in these two corners free of plants, I'd sooner have them filled with something, rather than nothing at all - Does anyone have any recommendations? My thoughts are possibly hardy Pinguiculas - Is there enough light, though? Plus, apart from P. grandiflora, the choice is a bit limited unless anyone has any other suggestions. I'd love to even have some Utricularia in there, but don't know if there are any species that will tolerate shade and the occasional below freezing temperature? Will Darlingtonia be happy in shade? It's airy enough, but will Botrytis be a problem - and will it be just too dark? All suggestions and recommendations will be gratefully appreciated!
  16. Could anybody advise on what thickness of double wall polycarbonate sheet would be best to insulate the ceiling and walls of my greenhouse over winter. Greenhouse is 8' x 12' and I've fitted some tube heaters but need the insulation so they're not running all the time. I'd like to keep temperatures 10C min for my N maxima, Pings, Utrics & Droseras. VFT's & Sarrs will be moved to a mini greenhouse where I'll let the temps go lower than that. I'm in Derbyshire in the middle UK so winters can go down to -5C or so, occasionally a bit lower (2010 being the exception at about -20,if that happens again I'll take the plants indoors). I've seen 10mm sheet and read on CPUK of people using 4mm but I've never used it before so I'm not sure of the pros and cons of each. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'll be removing the sheet from the walls once winter's over but might leave the ceiling sheets in place to provide a bit of shading (semi-opaque sheet for this part). Thanks Gaz
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