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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I just wanted to share a gorgeous flower from my Drosera hyperostigma. I find that this pygmy grows really well for me on a windowsill with LED grow lights supplementing the natural light.
  2. Hello everybody! it's great to be part of this forum, it's my first post about a doubt with my Cephalotus. I received a young cephalotus one week ago, the plant adapted quickly to the conditions I gave it, also I repotted it because the small size of the original pot, but the plant looks fine!. Now my question is: Should I cut this flower stalk? I think that this plant is very young to flower, and It is my unique Cephalotus, pollination is not an option for me. I don't know if a flower stalk in cephalotus causes the same effects than a flower in a Dionaea, or how can the plant react if I cut the flower stalk. What would you advise me? Have you had experiences with cephalotus bloom? Thanks for your attention! greetings from Mexico. Some Pictures:
  3. My pulchella "Akopan" bloomed, just as I finally got a new camera!
  4. Hi, My Drosera Capensis are throwing up flower stalks. I'm in no need of any seeds etc., so like a VFT, should I cut them off before they grow too big to preserve the energy in the plant? Same question for my Drosera Spathulata - they seem like such big stalks for such a small plant! Thanks, MG
  5. Hi, my N. aristolochioides is going to flower soon. It seems to be a male plant (see picture). If there is interest in getting some pollen, please pm. Another way to contact me: Nepenthes pollen register http://pollen.carnivoren.org/listdetails.php?id=395 Best regards, Chris
  6. Hi there, my pings seemd to feel very comfortable this years and grew much larger than last year. So this was the reason to take pictures of my entire collection. Last time I did this, was in september 2010. You can take a look here. I´m a bit ashamed by the look of the plants and the technique of the photos now, but you can get an idea of the delvelopement... Today, I use bigger pots, another mix of substrate and much, much more light. As far as available, I show one photo of the plant with summer leaves, one with winter leaves and a flower closeup. For those, which cannot await new photos, I uploaded all of them to the gallery. So, here´s the first part of the photos. (It´s a mass, I´ll add them day by day when I have time to spare). Pinguicula acuminata Pinguicula agnata {Barranca de Toliman, near Zimapan, Hidalgo} Pinguicula agnata 'dark blue flower' Pinguicula agnata 'EKUMA' Pinguicula sp. ANPA C ...end of the first part (I have been called for a meal). Hopefully I can add some more today. Christian
  7. Hi! I wanted to share this picture of a cutting from my Nepenthes x Linda. The cutting was taken 2-3 months ago and rooted in water. Two weeks ago I transplanted it to a mix of LFS/perlite/orcid bark. To my surprise I discovered yesterday that it was starting to flower. It's the first time a Nepenthes flower for me. Never thought it would be a cutting! So what do you think of this? Will the cutting have enough "strength" to pull this through? Also is it safe to presume that the vine would have flowered if left on the mother plant?
  8. Well I have got this far with my little Drosera capensis and am more than happy... but none of the flowers want to open. They move along their little conveyer belt of a stalk... reach the top... and... nothing! They remain closed and wake way for the next one. I know they are only open for a short amount of time but unless that time is less than an hour I'd have seen them open. I remain poised with a soft paint brush like a frustrated bee. Any ideas on how to get them to bloom?
  9. Well it has been fun getting my little Drosera capensis from seed to flower. Planted first set of successful seeds on 2nd October 2013. Germinated on 25th October 2013. First true leaves 5th November 2013. First flower spike seen 28th June 2014. Now between the sowing of the seeds and the flower I had fungal problems, mishap with environmental change and fungus gnats but I have now some very healthy and strong plants. Now thanks to a kind member on the site I have more than enough seeds to fill my house a hundred times over with Drosera. Things I will be trying in the coming months and in the new growing season: Leaf Cuttings. Different types of growing media. A large scale Drosera setup. Wild moss types as surface cover. All in good time but hope to have some on the go very soon.
  10. Now I got caught out a few weeks ago when one of my D. capensis started sending out circinate leaves and got me all excited at the thought of 1000s of seed coming my way. Now I have a fuzzy thing making its way up and I'm 90% sure it is a flower spike but would like a trained eye to confirm it, don't want to get all giddy again over nothing. Plants are still small not much more than 5" in height but then people have said on here they have had smaller send up a flower. Anyone willing to take a look and put my mind at rest. Much thanks if you can. If it is a flower on such a small plant is there anything I should look out for like will the seeds be less likely to germinate. Will flowering exhaust the plant.
  11. Little-Bacchus


    From the album: CPs

    My first flower coming coming up... So giddy lol
  12. From the album: June2013

    s. x 'Uncle Jim's Road 2' flower
  13. Some pictures for those people who are not into blogs D. paradoxa flower D. venusta D. venusta a bit closer D. tomentosa P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) leaf with a prey P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) flower Flower of another P. emarginata x (moranensis x ehlersiae) P. emarginata flower U. livida 'Blue' P. moctezumae bud U. nelumbifolia x reniformis with hydrofobic leaves U. pubescens leaves U. nephrophylla flower Just in case if you got interested here's the link ---> this is the LINK
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