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Found 3 results

  1. Just wondering how long people store Maxsea once in solution? I make a couple of litres up at a time (1/8tsp/litre), but I end up slinging any left overs on the garden. I dose some plants twice a month, and others once a month so it would be nice to have some aliquots made up rather than continuing to make fresh every time. Are there potentially any problems if I make up a larger volume and store it at room temperature in the dark? Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts, U.
  2. I went through some old threads but couldn’t find this answered anywhere - I finally got some Maxsea courtesy of a guy in Canada via eBay but want to know the ratio people are mixing it? I read to go lower than recommended so 1/4tsp to 1 gallon which I assumed since most of the sites talking about it are American I should go with a US gallon which is 3.7litres or the other option which is UK gallon at 4.5litres.. Just heard it’s a pretty strong fertiliser & don’t wanna harm any plants by using to much?? Thanks :)
  3. Hi everyone, I've seen some thread about similar topics, but they were rather old. I currently use osmocote pellets for my Nepenthes. I would like to try liquid formulations, but I'm a bit lost. If I remember what I've read so far, it's better to avoid urea, as it needs bacteria in the soil to make the nitrogen available for the plants. My mix is composed of perlite, dead sphagnum, barks, peat (not always) + living sphagnum surfacing. I "heard" that there are some issues using sphagnum and fertilising. Do you know anything about that? Do you have any recommendation (brand and product) based on successful use? Cheers Vincent
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